Endless Pools® Fitness Systems

Endless Pools® Fitness Systems feature the smooth, fully adjustable Endless Pools swim current. You can adjust the speed from a gentle breaststroke to a challenging 1:08/100-yard swim pace. Add our Underwater Treadmill to turn your Endless Pools Fitness System into a complete home gym. If you're serious about swimming and fitness, these E-Series models deliver premium options.

Our SwimCross® Exercise System

Our SwimCross® Exercise System combines a new, jetted resistance current with smart features to deliver a complete fitness program for all ages. SwimCross Exercise Systems introduces a jetted swim option with exceptional value. These X-Series models stand out from typical jetted options because the four swim jets are air-free and produce a no-turbulence current. With the current's five speeds, the whole family can meet their wellness goals with rowing, resistance exercise, swimming, and relaxing hydrotherapy.

RecSport® Recreation Systems

RecSport® Recreation Systems (R-Series) offer aquatic fun and fitness at an affordable price. With three airless jets, comfortable seating for the whole family, 27 hydromassage jets, and generous recreation space, harmony between work and play is possible.