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Who Knew Sauna Use Could Do So Much Good?

Regular sauna use can improve your mind, body, and spirit. Beyond the simple pleasure and relaxation it provides, inducing a deep sweat has many wellness benefits. Just take a look below.

Sauna Makes You Healthier

Sleep Better

Saunas raise body temperature to the right degree range for promoting muscle relaxation. The cooling-down process leaves you calm and relaxed, lulling you to a deep and peaceful sleep

Improve Skin

Sweating clears out pores and strengthens skin by drawing oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s surface, increasing circulation, enhancing collagen production, and sloughing off dead cells. 

Relieve Stress

The heat loosens the body’s muscles and releases endorphins, the hormones your body needs to make you feel good, and lowers levels of cortisol, which is the primary stress hormone.

Ease Back Pain

Heat is often used as a form of relief from muscle pain or soreness. A recent study showed that far-infrared technology can provide similar benefits for lower back pain and improve quality of life.

Fight Illness

As the body is exposed to heat, it produces white blood cells more rapidly, which, in turn, increase your ability to fight infections. Saunas can also relieve sinus congestion..

Lose Weight

The sweating process can help you lose weight. As heart activity and blood flow increase, the body begins to convert more calories into usable energy. 

Sauna Use Can…

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Boost Heart Health

Consistent sauna use may help lower your resting heart rate and increase cardiovascular endurance over time, as well as improve overall health. Research shows that the risk of cardiovascular death was 27% lower and the risk of overall mortality was 40% lower among frequent sauna users. 

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Preserve Muscle Mass

Studies have shown that sauna use guards against inflammation to help you reach your fitness goals faster and might even extend vitality. It also dilates blood vessels, increasing the amount of oxygen rich blood that flows into the muscles, improving recovery time and muscle growth by releasing heat shock proteins and HGH (a human growth hormone).

Sauna Buyer’s Guide

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