Hot Tubs + Swim Spas

Blue light flashing

Flow issues, circulation pump, dirty or clogged filters:

  • Check Filters – Filters are the number one cause for this light. Filters need to be replaced every 12-18 months if paper pleats, 2-3 years for tri-x.
  • If the spa is running more than a minute and trips the breaker, call service.
  • New deliveries and the 30 amp breaker is tripping, call electrician back- electrical issues.

Consult the troubleshooting guide in the back of your Hot Spring® Spa owner’s manual. In it you will find step-by-step instructions that help owners check for common issues.

Green light flashing

Salt issues, cartridges might be going out:

  • What are your salt levels?  If salt is high, drain halfway and refill to balance out that salt.
  • When was your Ace/Salt cart last replaced? Ace cells only last 1-2 years, Salt Cells only last 3-4 months depending on usage.
  • Non salt tubs: What is the temp versus what it feels like? Contact us for service.
  • No Power/Heat (Can also make your green light flash)

Consult the troubleshooting guide in the back of your Hot Spring® Spa owner’s manual. In it you will find step-by-step instructions that help owners check for common issues.

Red/green light flashing

Consult the troubleshooting guide in the back of your Hot Spring® Spa owner’s manual. In it you will find step-by-step instructions that help owners check for common issues.

Leaking spa
  • Where is it leaking from?
  • If leaking from the front, check the drain cap. Also make sure the rubber washer is in the cap.
No power/heat

(Can also make your green light flash)

  • Check your breakers and make sure that they are turned on.
  • Check filters, dirty filters can cause your tub not to heat.
  • Contact us for service if breakers are on and filters are clean.
  • New Deliveries – Contact us for service!
Air lock

If the tub shuts down immediately or jets run 10-15 minutes after filling:

  • Did you fill the tub through the gray standpipe? Not filling through this stand pipe will cause air to get inside the lines in your hot tub.
  • Drain the tub about a ⅓ and refill through the gray standpipe to push out excessive air.
Jets weak or surging

Could be low water level, clogged filters, comfort control lever closed:

  • Add Water
  • Clean Filters
  • Open comfort control
Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • Newer bluetooths do not show up on your remote. This feature should be downloaded on your phone.
  • If not connecting, forget the bluetooth on your phone, then repair.
  • You can also remove your filter, trip your breaker off for a minute, then flip the breakers back on and replace filters. This should take it back to previous settings.


My infrared heater is not working correctly

If the infrared heater does not power up correctly, please power off and then power it back on again

My traditional sauna is not working

Please refer to your owner’s manual or look for and press the reset button.

Where can I find information about what kind of heater I have?

The data rating plate is located furthest down on one of the ends of the heater. This shows what model it is, the serial number, the power rating of the heater and the year/month of manufacture.

Do I need to have stones in my heater?

It is essential to have stones with a sauna heater. If you don’t, you won’t be able to throw water onto it, and the heater itself may not function.

Why is the use of ceramic stone not permitted?

Ceramic stones will destroy the resistors and shorten their operating life considerably. TylöHelo recommends vulcanite mineral, this stone quality is appropriate for the sauna heater and it is safe. Please read the technical specification for your chosen heater.

What should I do if there are problems with the sauna heater?

Reach out to us for your TylöHelo sauna services!

Can I pour water onto the heater?

When your heater is hot, you can pour water over the stones to increase the humidity in the sauna. The amount of water you pour on the stones each time will depend somewhat on the size of the heater.

One scoop of water, about 5oz is fine. If the water runs out the bottom of the heater, it means you’ve poured too much water, or the stones are not hot enough. Wait a few minutes before you pour on more.

Why is my sauna not heating up enough?

First check the fuse box to see whether a fuse has blown. Look to see if all the heating elements are glowing when the heater is turned on. If they are not, it might be because the heater’s overheat protection has tripped.

Other factors that affect  the heating in the sauna are ventilation, the position of the temperature sensor, how well sealed and insulated the sauna is, and whether the heater’s output is correctly sized for the sauna.

If everything seems to be in order, but the sauna is still not heating up properly, contact us.

My sauna heater broke down during the warranty period, who do I contact?
Where can I buy spare parts for my sauna heater?

Contact us for spare TylöHelo parts!

I have an older model of heater and one of the elements has stopped working. Is it possible to install new elements in the heater?

Yes, in most cases it’s possible to replace the heating elements. Contact us for more information.

My heater has suddenly stopped working or some of the elements are not heating up?

First, check to see where a fuse has blown or the circuit breaker has tripped. If that’s not the reason, it is likely that the overheat protection has shut the heater off.

TylöHelo’s sauna heaters have a temperature limiter built into the switch box at the bottom of the heater.

This is tripped automatically if there is any risk of overheating. Always contact a qualified electrician to reset the temperature limiter if it is not possible to reset the outside of the heater.

What causes the overheat protection to trip?

If the overheat protection trips, it is usually an indication of poor or inadequate ventilation through the heater and the sauna room. Always follow the instructions in the heater manual about the design and specifications for ventilation in the sauna.

Always check the stone compartment if the overheat protection thermostat trips. If the stones have become compact, restack them to allow for the free flow of air between them.

Always contact a qualified electrician to reset the overheat protection thermostat if it is not possible to reset it on the outside of the heater.


Is your cover holding water?

If so, it needs to be replaced.  Order a replacement cover.

Is there mold or mildew on your cover?

Use the 303 Solution to stop this.

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