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Take a trip to the shore without leaving your backyard. Easier to maintain than freshwater, salt water hot tubs take your spa experience to the next level. And with salt water spas containing roughly 10 times less salinity than ocean water, they offer a gentler, more relaxing aquatic escape. Ease into one of our premium tubs, and let your cares melt away.

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Why Choose Salt Water?

Improved wellness

Salt water is denser than freshwater, making it easier to float and reducing the weight of gravity on joints and muscles, soothing tension.

Increased water quality

Salt water systems keep water softer and purer than traditional systems. Ease into a silky smooth soak.

Gentle on sensitive bodies

Salt water won’t irritate eyes or skin, so you can enjoy your spa experience without discomfort.


Salt water is a natural sanitizing agent, so it uses less chlorine. That means you can say good-bye to any unpleasant chemical smell.

Environmentally friendly

Salt water tubs only need to be drained and refilled once a year, so you can relax knowing you’re conserving a limited resource.

Fewer chemicals

Salt water systems constantly monitor the level of chlorine in the water and only generate as much as is needed.


Introducing FreshWater® IQ, the most intelligent salt water system on the planet.

Our patented smart monitoring technology automatically tests your water every hour and is more accurate and dependable than test strips.

FreshWater IQ uses the FreshWater Salt System to generate the perfect amount of chlorine, with fewer chemicals. 

Easy-to-follow on-screen recommendations tell you what to do to maintain clean, natural feeling water with less guesswork on your part.

Fully integrated and easy-to-use, FreshWater IQ delivers clean, natural-feeling water. It’s the most comprehensive water care system available. 

FreshWater IQ is available on 2024 Highlife and Limelight spas.

Salt Water Ready Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Health Benefits

From stress reduction, muscle relaxation, and improved sleep to pain relief, lowered blood sugar, and improved circulation, hot tub use can play a big role in improving health.

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