Hot Tub + Swim Spa

I am considering buying a spa and don’t understand the difference between wiring it to be 110v or 220v. How do I decide?

The first thing is to determine what spa sizes you are considering. Some spas do not offer the option of 110v service. It also depends on how you plan to use the spa. Basically, having a spa hooked up for 220v service means that the jets and the heater can operate at the same time.

With a 110v unit, the heater will not come back on until you turn off the jets. If your new spa is going to have several people in and out of the spa over a few hours, you might be happier with a 220v hookup. If your spa is going to be a quiet refuge for one or two people who enjoy a hot water soak with no jets, then a 110v unit might be best.

Also, you need to consider whether you are installing your spa indoors or outdoors and whether you plan to use it year-round. Since many different factors go into this decision, give the Hot Spring® Spas sales team a call before you buy. We’ll be glad to provide the information you need to make the best decision for your spa enjoyment.

I bought a used spa. Do I need to use the authorized Hot Spring® dealer for service?

Developing a working relationship with your locally authorized dealer is a great way for you to protect your investment. Your authorized Hot Spring dealer will have the factory-recommended components and water care chemicals that will extend the life of your spa. They also have the latest information from the factory regarding any component upgrades needed for older spas.

I want a Hot Spring Spa. Why do I have to buy it from the closest authorized dealer?

Authorized Hot Spring® dealers are required by contract to deliver and provide warranted service for all new spa sales from their store. This ensures that the spa will not be damaged in transport between the dealership and your home. This also means the dealer will have the technical staff to service your spa if/when needed.

If you were to buy a Hot Spring® spa farther from the delivery destination, the selling dealer may charge you a trip fee for their technician to travel to your home. What you saved in the initial purchase price may not compare to what you might have to pay the dealer for their travel. Dealer travel charges are not covered by your spa’s warranty.

We want to buy a spa but our local city code enforcer says we need to build a barrier gate, fence, or other structure. Is this true?

Hot Spring Spas carry several different certifications that ensure the spa is safe to use. Some code enforcement personnel mistakenly believe that public pools and private residential spas require the same code compliance and barrier requirements.

If you have questions about barrier requirements in your community or region, contact your authorized dealer to obtain the information you need. You may also call the Hot Spring Customer Service team to help you find this information.

Why are salt water hot tubs replacing traditional chlorine tubs?

Ease of use, lower maintenance costs, fewer chemicals, and an overall more pleasant experience are a few reasons.

Traditional chlorine hot tub owners usually choose to utilize a floater to disperse chlorine/bromine into their hot tubs on a constant basis. In addition, once a week or after a heavy use, they shock the tub, which spikes the chlorine/bromine level higher.

Hot Spring Salt Systems produce a steady and low level of chlorine that is constantly monitored internally in your tub. This ensures water that doesn’t have the powerful chlorine odor, is gentler on the skin, and doesn’t need to be drained as often!

My spa is 20 years old. Can I still get parts for it?

Yes. We can order parts directly from Watkins, the manufacturer of Hot Spring Spas. If they do not carry the original component, a replacement component of equal or better quality will be provided. We can also provide a replacement cover for your spa that fits the corners and cover locks.

Can I buy a spa or parts directly from HotSpring?

Only authorized dealers may sell Hot Spring Spas directly to consumers. However, Hot Spring provides warranty coverage for your spa purchase and offers the strongest warranty in the industry. We also offer a warranty on parts purchased and installed by authorized dealers.

I can’t find the information I want in the owner’s manual. What should I do?

Please contact us—we’re always here to help!

Water Care

I want to use a bromine floater in my spa; why do you specifically recommend against their use?

Floaters dispense chemicals into the spa water 24/7, whether they’re needed or not. When the spa is closed and the jets are off, the floater will stay in one location in the spa, spilling chemicals onto the horizontal surfaces immediately below it.

Because the tablet does not dissolve evenly, those bits will pit the plastic shell surface, leaving a rough area that will not be comfortable to sit on and can damage swimsuits. These rough patches cannot be sanded or removed from the shell. Learn more about our water care systems.

I want to use aromatherapy oils in my spa. Will using these oils void my warranty?

The use of oil or bath salts in your spa tend to gum up the filters and damage the electrical components and are not recommended. Using these products does not void the spa’s warranty, but any service needed to repair the spa because of damage caused by the use of non-approved chemicals is not covered by the warranty. Those can be expensive repairs, so we recommend checking with us before you use any new chemical or oil in your spa.

Water-soluble products such as InSpAration products are safe for hot tub use.

Is salt water bad for hot tubs?

If the tubs aren’t built correctly, yes. There are manufacturers that void your warranty when a salt system is installed.

Thankfully, Hot Spring Spas builds a better hot tub than those guys. Much like boat engines, you have hot tubs that are built for salt water and those that are not. All of our hot tubs are built to last 20+ years with the salt system or any other sanitizer you choose. That’s more than the competition can say.

Saltwater systems are rapidly gaining popularity because of the numerous benefits they provide over a traditional chlorine system.

How do I clean my filters?

Once a month, remove your filters and rinse them off with a garden hose, being sure to thoroughly rinse any debris caught in the pleats. Every 3-6 months, depending on use, spray your filter(s) thoroughly with SpaGuard filter cleaner and allow them to sit for 15 minutes. Rinse filters until water runs clear with the hose on full blast. Rinse one final time to confirm there is no residual filter cleaner remaining that might cause foaming issues.

What are phosphates and how do they affect my spa?

Phosphates are chemicals added to waterways via phosphorus-rich bedrock, laundry and cleaning wastewater, industrial effluents, and fertilizer runoff. High phosphate levels will impact demand for sanitizer and cause algae growth if not maintained.

How do I change my salt cell? How much salt do I add?

Please refer to your salt system owner’s manual for the correct way to change your salt cartridge and the correct amount of salt to add.

Why do I need to test my tub when I have a salt system?

While your salt system is made for ease of use, there will be steps needed to maintain certain chemicals in their ideal level. Testing once a week will help ensure your system is running efficiently. Note: Once the salt system is able to maintain a consistent sanitizer output, the chlorine reading on a test strip might show low or nonexistent. This is okay as long as your spa remains clear and odorless without adding sanitizer manually.

When do I drain my spa?

Chlorine and @ease system spas should be drained every 3-4 months, or when you notice your spa water is not maintaining balanced chemicals despite adding the needed product to do so. A spa with a Freshwater Salt System should be drained every 8-12 months, or when you notice your spa water is not maintaining balanced chemicals despite adding the needed product to do so.

How long do the cartridges last in my @ease system?

Your SmartChlor (silver) cartridge will last 4 weeks while the Mineral (blue) cartridge will last 3 months.

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