A 25% non-refundable deposit is required with all purchases. Zone fees are calculated based on mileage from the closest service center (Lebanon or Crossville) to the customer’s address.  In the event of a safety concern (weather, vague site photos, etc.) with respect to your delivery, our crew will contact you prior to your scheduled delivery time and suggest the best options for the most successful completion of delivery. The buyer will be responsible for a re-delivery fee of $700.00 +tax, + zone fee if the spa is refused upon delivery for any reason other than damage caused by HSSMC/HSSUC. If the buyer requests a same spot rotation to reposition the spa after the delivery slip has been signed, the buyer will be responsible for a $300 spa move. The buyer is responsible for a service charge of $200 + zone fee if the buyer requests installation of any accessories on a separate day after we deliver and set the spa. The buyer, at his/her sole expense, is responsible for preparing the site in accordance with the Pre-Delivery Guide that was provided at the time of purchase. The foundation must be leveled with a recommended maximum tolerance of 1/2″ over 10″. A Smart Deck can be purchased through HSSMC/HSSUC, if needed, and must be installed by the customer at least 24hrs prior to delivery. If the spa is going on a deck – any access point higher than 4 feet or 4 steps will require a crane. If any additional equipment is required for the completion of the delivery, it is at the sole expense of the homeowner and will be determined by a site inspection that will be conducted by an HSSMC/HSSUC representative. 220V spas: The electrical power from the home owner’s main electrical panel to sub-panel AND the wiring from the sub-panel to the hot tub shall be provided by or conducted by the homeowner or a licensed electrician.  If HSSMC/HSSUC needs to come back out to the customers home to consult with the electrician or the homeowner regarding improper wiring in accordance with the wiring schematic, this will be billed as an out-of-warranty service call + zone fee. 110v spas being converted to 220v will require a disconnect box and the homeowner is responsible for informing their electrician of the conversion. A disconnect box must be purchased from HSSMC/HSSUC. *If spa needs to be drained and pulled out to meet the above requirements or if a crane is needed to remove beforehand to meet the above requirements, the customer is responsible for all incurred labor and equipment charges.