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The E2000 is for those seeking better wellness – fitness, work-life-balance, enriched personal connections. It’s a path to find some joy in your physical, mental, and emotional states.  Endless Pools combined their exclusive resistance current with luxurious jetted massage seats and wrapped it in one beautiful, low-maintenance package. Swim, run, or exercise in temperate 85-degree water in the front, then unwind at 104 degrees inside the spa area at the back. The E2000 gives you complete control, without sacrifice.

Endless Pools® Fitness Systems Features

Exclusive Current

The Endless Pools swim current easily adjusts for every level, from toddlers to triathletes. Smooth for in-place swimming, the spacious current also provides core resistance for more effective aquatic exercises.

Enliven Your Senses

With your choice of options – from security covers and a mobile-control app to our 8-speaker, Bluetooth-enabled sound system – it’s easy to make an Endless Pools E-Series Fitness System your own!

Hydrostride™ Technology

For low-impact jogging and walking, add our Underwater Treadmill. In water’s low-impact environment, you’ll burn just as many calories as on dry land, but without the pounding. It’s ideal for anyone who has (or wants to avoid!) joint pain or overuse injuries.

Product Specifications

Hydromassage Seats

Bench Seat (Swim side); 4 + Cool-down Seat (Spa Side)


20′ L x 58″ H x 89″ W

Hydromassage Jets

36 (2 large, 2 rotary, 6 directional, 26 mini)

Acrylic Shell Color

Alpine White or Ice Gray

Cabinet Color

Dark Mocha or Gray Oak

Lighting System

26 Multi-Color LED Points of Light and Exterior LED Light Bar

Exercise Equipment Options

Aquabike, Swim Tether, Rowing Kit, Resistance Bands, and Floor Mirror

Electrical Requirements

60 amp/230 volt, 60 Hz (includes GFCI sub-panel)

Grab Rails

3, stainless steel

Swim Area Dimensions

15′ L x 58″ H x 89″ W


2,395 gal (2,045 swim/350 spa) or 2,350 gal. w/ treadmill (2,000 swim/350 spa)

Weight Empty

4090 lbs. or 4195 lbs. w/ treadmill


4000 watt

Water Features

3 Illuminated Waterfalls

Current Type

Endless Pools® Original Current



Water Care

UVC + CD Ozone (Swim Side), CD Ozone (Spa Side)

Additional Options

SwimDek® Surface Kits, Endless Pools Fit@Home® Wifi Kit & Mobile App, Gecko® In.Touch 2 & Mobile App, CoolZone®, and Signature Steps

Unparalleled Resistance Current

What puts the E-Series swim spas head and shoulders above the competition? Their unparalleled resistance current. It’s smooth, powerful, and endlessly adjustable, whether for swimming, exercise, or active fun!

closeup of swim machine technology
swim spa jets

Luxury Seating

Kick back in the E-Series luxurious hydromassage seats. Your family will love the convenience and freedom to stay active together, relax together, and create lasting memories.

Endless Pools Fitness Systems Warranties

10 Year No Leak Shell Warranty

Endless Pools Fitness Systems are covered against water loss due to defects in shells for 10 years.

5 Year Shell Surface Warranty

The acrylic surface material of Endless Pools Fitness Systems will be free from defects in materials & workmanship for 5 years.

3 Year No Leak Plumbing Warranty

Endless Pools Fitness Systems are covered against leaks caused by defects in manufacturing & workmanship for 3 years.

Swim Spa Health Benefits

Whether you’re looking to get in shape, stay in shape, or manage several serious health conditions, using swim spas can make a real difference.

woman using swim bike

About Endless Pools Fitness Systems

What puts E-Series swim spas head and shoulders above the competition? Their unparalleled resistance current—smooth, powerful, and endlessly adjustable for swimming, exercise, and active fun. Luxurious hydromassage seats, stylish cabinet, and all the extras, make the E-Series a premium aquatic experience.

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augmented reality app augmented reality app augmented reality app

Virtual Backyard Planning Tool

Endless Pools® AR App. Visualize how a swim spa will look in any space you choose—before you buy.

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Swim Spa Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re wondering how swim spas work, what size or model would be best for your set-up, or simply want to learn more about swim spa health benefits, our Swim Spa Buyer’s Guide will answer all your questions.

Swim Spa Accessories

Personalize your swim spa workout with covers, cover lifters, sound systems, LED lighting, steps, and water care systems.

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