Why Aquatic Workouts Are Beneficial

You have probably heard of all the best ways to lose weight or get in better shape. Most of your typical exercises, like running, are even more beneficial when they are done in water. So, if you’re in the market for a home pool, you might consider an Endless Pool Fitness System from Hot Spring Spa of Music City & The Upper Cumberland. Let’s break down some benefits of aquatic exercises and workouts.


Aquatic workouts can have substantial physical benefits. For those who suffer from arthritis, exercising in water provides a gentler effect on joints, with less impact. Bone health is also a physical benefit of aquatic workouts. An Endless Pool Fitness System allows a person to strengthen their balance in the water, which promotes stronger bone density. With constant moving water, the body is forced upright, which builds up overall bone health.


Health and well-being isn’t just defined by physical fitness. Aquatic workouts allow rehabilitation of the body and the mind. Studies have shown that exercising in water can help relieve stress and anxiety. A swim spa also allows a space where family and friends can join in on the fun. Endless Pool Fitness Systems are used daily for not only fitness and swimming, but family fun and quality time.


At Hot Spring Spas of Music City & of The Upper Cumberland, we know that making time for personal wellness isn’t always easy. With features such as rowing, resistance exercise, biking, swimming, relaxing hydrotherapy, and running (treadmill only available on E-series Endless Pool Fitness System), we are here to customize your Endless Pool Fitness System to fit your needs. Click here to fill out our Swim Spa Finder, and find your perfect Endless Pool Fitness System today!



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