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Swim spas boast the best of both worlds: part pool, part aquatic fitness system. This compact aquatic oasis allows you to enjoy swimming, water walking, aqua jogging, various exercises, and aerobics while also providing a relaxing place to hang out or play with family and friends. Careful swim spa backyard design consideration and planning can take this aquatic oasis to another level.

Your swim spa can be placed in different locations, each with many options and benefits for your budget. Whether you have an enclosed porch, deck, patio, small back yard, or a large space, there are many swim spa ideas and design choices you can make to customize your exercise and relaxation experience while increasing home value. 

Once you’ve considered the practical aspects and key requirements of buying a swim spa like placement and site installation, it’s time for the fun part. With a little creativity, you can transform a plain deck or yard into a lush retreat and year-round fun for everyone. Whether you enlist professional help or do the work yourself, your swim spa design can make you feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury. 

Now, close your eyes and imagine the minimalist, desert oasis, or tropical spa paradise of your dreams. Keep reading for swim spa yard ideas and swim spa landscaping designs that work for your family and space.

Swim spa color and shape

One of the first things you should consider is the exterior color and shape of your swim spa so both harmonize with your house interior, exterior, deck, and landscaping. Take care to repeat and complement existing patterns and hues.


  • Many of our Endless Swim Spas can be installed partially in-ground to preserve landscaping site lines and make your yard seem more spacious. A custom deck can be placed around the spa to enhance your swim spa yard design.
  • A swim spa with deck will also make it easier to enter and exit after a relaxing dip. This is especially important for older relatives, those with injuries, and small children.
  • Swim spa deck plans can also extend your relaxation and entertainment space.
  • Alternatively, you can place your swim spa on a deck if your yard has limited space. You should seek help of a professional to ensure that your existing deck is load bearing or for a custom swim spa deck design. This location allows you to simply open the back door and jump right in for a quick morning swim or quickly grab cold drinks and snacks from the kitchen while entertaining.
swim spa in backyard


  • The right flowers, bushes, and trees can greatly enhance your swim spa. You might want to consult a professional for swim spa landscaping ideas if your budget allows or just have some fun planning and planting yourself. Lush or drought-resistant (stones, succulents, or artificial grass) landscaping native to your area can be a great addition.
  • Strategically placed plants also provide privacy around a swim spa, but make sure you don’t crowd the space or obstruct plumbing or wiring.
  • You can further augment your natural escape by placing feeders or plants that attract beautiful local birds.

Swim spa enclosures

Two of the most important things you should consider when contemplating swim spa backyard ideas are your privacy and safety. Fences, arbors with gates, flowering trellises, and pergolas ensure different levels of both while contributing to your experience.

Pathways and steps

  • Stones or brick that echo the color and material of the swim spa design as well as the surrounding landscaping provide a comfortable path to the pool and save your grass from wear.
  • Custom or prefabricated stylish steps that match the swim spa exterior allow you to get in and out of your swim spa safely and with ease.


  • Inexpensive mood lighting like café lights on the decks and patios provides a festive vibe for gatherings.
  • Illuminating the swim spa itself creates a soothing ambiance to socialize under the stars or swim laps late at night.
  • Focal lighting on trees, bushes, and flowers emphasizes the beauty of your swim spa landscape in the evening, and a carefully lit path allows you to walk across the yard and up and down stairs at night without tripping.
  • Yard lighting can extend playtime for kids once the sun goes down while grownups soak away their cares with massage jets and laughter.
swim spa lights

Outdoor furniture and fire pit

  • Place a table nearby so you can go from exercise to appetizers or dinner. Make sure you pick a size, material, color, and chair cushions that complement and don’t overpower the surrounding environment. There are many different options in wood, steel, and rattan with durable waterproof fabric.
  • Consider a prefabricated or custom fire pit in brick, stone, cement, or metal with comfortable lounge chairs to take the nighttime chill away post-soak and to roast marshmallows as the day winds down.

Exterior kitchen area

If you have a large backyard, you might want to incorporate an outdoor grilling station or pizza oven (whether custom-designed or purchased) so you can entertain guests still enjoying the spa while making dinner.

Weather-resistant outdoor television

Have friends or family members who can’t miss that soccer match or football game but don’t want to sacrifice tub time? Need to entertain kids with a movie so grown-ups can have adult time? Hang a flat screen tv with waterproof cover in a secure and sheltered area within view of your spa for hours of streaming entertainment and uninterrupted conversation.

Fountains and statues

  • If you have the room, a fountain can add to the ambiance and provide an ideal place for meditation and contemplation. The sound of running water puts your body and mind at ease within minutes.
  • A sculpture of your choosing in the right material (stone or metal) can personalize your zen space.

Play area for kids

If you have young children (and the space), you might want to build a fenced-off area with a play station or jungle gym within sight of your swim spa to keep them safe and occupied while you relax.