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Here’s Your Clean Water Need to Know.

You finally have the backyard oasis of your dreams, and now you’re wondering how to keep your hot tub water clear for the optimal wellness experience year round. Whether you’ve opted for a traditional hot tub or a salt water spa, there are a few universal tips to keep your tub in top shape.

We’ll cover the maintenance basics and tell you how to prevent and fix cloudy hot tub water below.

Use a spa cover

This goes without saying but put a high-quality lid on your investment. Make sure it’s secure enough to prevent debris from falling in the water, as well as to prevent unwanted access by animals and small children.

Skim debris

Purchase a hot tub hand skimmer for fast, easy, and efficient daily cleanup of leaves, twigs, bugs, bees, and other debris. 

Rinse swimsuits prior to use

Consider asking guests to rinse their suits well in clean water before taking a dip to prevent excess laundry detergent from getting in the tub. While it isn’t ideal to put on a wet suit, it will result in optimal conditions for them to enjoy the tub.

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Shower before use

Taking a quick shower before hot tub use will remove dirt, oils produced by our bodies, and the products we put on them that will otherwise soil the water. Installing a simple outdoor shower near the tub for this purpose is a good idea if it fits your budget. 

Wear shower caps

Covering your hair before soaking will stop it from clogging the drain over time and the products you put in it from contaminating the water. While somewhat inconvenient, this will also prevent your hair from drying out and becoming discolored, especially if you dye it.

Test pH levels to monitor alkalinity

Use test strips to test pH levels twice a week. An ideal pH level is between 7.2–7.8, and a number of factors can cause it to change quickly. Levels above 7.8 are considered basic and will cause scale, hot tub cloudy water, and eye and skin irritation. Acidic levels under 7.2 will cause scale, burning eyes, damage to your tub, and the water to become a breeding ground for contaminates.

Add the necessary chemicals or salt

If the pH level is too low or too high, you need to add appropriate chemicals to the water to adjust it. A pH decreaser or product with sodium bisulfate that you can purchase from your hot tub dealer can lower it to desired levels. If you need to raise pH levels, ask them for a pH increaser or product with active sodium bicarbonate.

Sanitize your tub regularly

Sanitizing your tub is one of the most important steps in keeping your hot tub water clean. Salt water hot tub systems are low maintenance and make their own chlorine from the interaction of salt and water to keep the water crystal clear. For traditional hot tubs, widely used bromine floaters provide continuous sanitation to spa water and keep it most effectively balanced, but chlorine can also be used.

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Shock your tub

Adding a high dose of either chlorine (sodium dichlor) or non-chlorine (potassium monopersulfate or MPS) shock once a week reduces bacteria and returns your hot tub water to its pristine state. PH increasers tend to cloud the water, so this step might be necessary after their addition. It’s also a good practice to shock after changing your spa water. It’s important to note that salt water tubs still need to be shocked, too.

Change the water

You should drain and fill your traditional hot tub every 3–4 months and do the same for your salt tub once a year. 

Use a pre-filter

While filling your hot tub with water from a garden hose is super convenient, it comes with various metals. Purchase and attach a pre-filter to remove impurities like iron, lead, chloramines, hydrogen sulfide, odor-causing organics, and other foreign matter to improve water quality. 

Clean filter cartridges

Depending on frequency of usage and climate, your filter should be cleaned about twice a week with a filter cleaner that will allow you to remove any deposits between the pleats. Deep clean your filter every 3–4 months when you change the water by first rinsing it and then soaking it in a solution of water and filter-specific non-foaming cleanser.

Replace filters

For optimal performance, replace your hot tub filter every year or when you see signs of wear and tear, it becomes too dirty, or water won’t run through it smoothly.

Wipe down surfaces

Make sure you wipe down the exterior of your tub and cover regularly with a non-abrasive cleaner to prevent dust, dirt, and other pollutants from getting in the water. 

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