Top 3 Myths of Using a Salt Water Spa

You may have heard a few comments here and there about the advantages or disadvantages of using a salt water spa but you’re not sure what’s true and what’s not. Maybe you’re considering purchasing one or converting your current spa and you’d like to learn more about it before making a commitment. In an effort to avoid misinformation and help guide you in making an informed decision, here are the top three myths of using a salt water spa and the truth behind the chatter.

Myth No. 1: A Salt Water Spa Tastes Like the Ocean – It’s not likely you’ll be mixing a cocktail using spa water, but it’s a common myth nonetheless. In truth, a salt water spa is far less salty than ocean water, which is ten times the salinity of the common spa. Typically, with most salt water spa systems, the targeted salt level is slightly higher than tap water and completely undetectable by taste or smell.

Myth No. 2: It’s Too Expensive – Let’s think long term for a second; with a salt water system you no longer have to purchase sanitizers or cleansers because the salt and water generate it naturally. That means no more buying expensive bottled chlorine and no more wasting money trying to measure and spill the right chemicals to treat your spa. There’s an initial investment and then it’s time to sit back, relax and watch the set up pay for itself.

Myth No. 3: Maintenance is Difficult – Salt is actually a natural sanitizing agent, making water maintenance a snap. In most cases, maintaining a salt water spa actually takes less time, energy and money than more traditional spas. Why? For one thing, there’s no need to buy, measure and add chemicals to the spa on a daily basis. You don’t have to “shock” the water before every use and the sanitizing takes place automatically. Sure, there’s still a small amount of maintenance necessary to ensure levels are balanced and the water stays clean, clear and safe, but much of the typical daily and weekly maintenance required with more traditional set ups is eliminated.

Salt water has been revered for centuries for its natural soothing and healing properties, making it a perfect choice for the relaxing, therapeutic properties of a spa. With misinformation, speculation and just plain nonsense, it can sometimes be challenging to get the right information. Luckily, debunking the top three myths of using a salt water spa will help you make the right decision, bringing relaxation and enjoyment for years to come.


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