Tension Relief Made Easy: Solutions That Work

We’ve all been there before—unprepared for an important meeting, dropping items from a diaper bag crossing a busy street or leaving a cell phone on the roof of a car—tension hits us all. Whether you’re anxious from pressure at work, experiencing anxiety in your personal life or simply feeling overwhelmed in total, you need tension relief solutions that work. But who has time to meditate or visit the spa? Here are a few proven strategies for getting yourself under control and keeping calm.

Stop, Breathe and Hydrate – Depending on where you are when you are experiencing tension, it may be impossible to stop, but when you can, stop what you are doing, remove yourself from your environment and hydrate. That means water, not Gatorade, fruit juice, coffee or milk. Drinking a full glass of water is an easy way to hydrate the brain and the cells you need to make it function. When you are dehydrated, it’s easy to not see clearly, to get overwhelmed and spin out of control. Taking a few minutes to sit, relax and sip some water will do wonders for clearing a frantic mind and help you prioritize more effectively.

Allow Time For a Power Nap – With more than three out of every five Americans experiencing insomnia or some version of a sleep-related disorder at least a few times a week, it’s likely that you do not get the rest you need to perform at optimal levels. What that means is that you most likely do not have the stamina to handle crisis situations effectively, resulting in increased tension and stress. Whenever possible, replenish inadequate sleep with short power naps. It doesn’t have to be long to be effective. In fact, twenty minutes after work before dinner, a half-hour on a Saturday afternoon or even an extra ten minutes every morning with the snooze button will help.

Invest in an In-Home Hot Tub – Nothing says relaxation and stress relief better than the warm, bubbly water of your very own hot tub. Imagine the decadence of coming home to a personalized massage, hydrotherapy and the serenity that only a hot tub can create. It’s easy, convenient and ultra-relaxing. The stiff neck, lower-back pain and that nagging ache that travels from the base of your neck to the side of your head can be gone in a twenty-minute soak before bed. For instant tension relief, a hot tub is one accompaniment you simply can’t be without.

Tension is nothing new as millions of Americans suffer from elevated stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Don’t allow yourself to experience increased tension any more than you have to—start feeling better today with a few easy and effective solutions. Take a breather and hydrate, make sure to get the sleep you need to be your best and consider an in-home hot tub for chasing those tension knots away for good.

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