Stress Awareness Month

A Crazy Little Thing Called Stress.

Stress is a reality of being human. A small amount is okay, it means you’re a perfectly normal and functioning human being. It’s when the stress becomes overwhelming that it becomes a problem. When your mental and physical health begins to take a toll, then it’s time to take action. This month is dedicated to stress – identifying in, learning about it, and managing it.

Combating stress in a hot tub
Of the many ways to control stress, a wonderful option lays with the hot tub. In a wondrous chain of events, 20-30 minutes a day in one can be used to handle stress. The process is called hydrotherapy. It entails immersion in warm water, which promotes the release of dopamine, the hormone that combats stress and it’s debilitating properties. Residual effects include muscle tension relief and reduced cardiovascular anxiety. A steadfast commitment to consistent hot tub use puts you on the path to a more relaxed body and mind.

If you’re feeling the pressures of everyday life in Middle Tennessee, implementing a hot tub into your routine can work wonders. Hot Spring Spas of Music City in Lebanon or Brentwood, or Hot Spring Spas of Upper Cumberland is Crossville, can set you up with the model that may very well change your life.