Stimulate Your Immune System For Improved Health

Your Immune system plays a key role in keeping you healthy by defending your body against harmful microorganisms that can make you sick. However, it isn’t always working at optimal levels, and when you do get sick, you know it. Is it possible to build the immune system and make it stronger? The truth is, boosting the immune system has more to do with achieving balance than anything else and learning how to will help you make healthy lifestyle choices that promote a strong and vibrant body. While you can’t avoid every illness, here are a few ways to keep yourself and your immune system working at peak levels.

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices – Giving your immune system the upper hand against illness involves making a variety of healthy lifestyle choices including eating a nutritious diet, getting plenty of exercise and avoiding tobacco. When healthy choices become habit, the whole body functions better which helps the immune system work at peak levels. Getting plenty of rest and ensuring you take the necessary steps to keep your body in good health with the appropriate vitamin or herbal supplement is an easy way to keep your immune system robust. After all, if you do get sick, having the rest of your body healthy and strong will help a compromised immune system fight off whatever it is that is making you ill faster and more effectively.

Moderate Daily Exercise – Interestingly, there is a link between exercise and the immune system, but it’s not the type of connection where increased exercise equals increased immunity. In fact, it’s moderate exercise every day that is the key to keeping a healthy immune system, not long, powerful workouts that tax the body. If you’re not training for a marathon, consider taking a walk after dinner or use the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Small lifestyle choices that require you to move your muscles are the most beneficial in terms of keeping your immune system proactive and responsive.

Use a Hot Tub to Manage Stress – Health care practitioners have been talking about the mind-body linkage for years and its common knowledge that elevated stress can lead to a variety of illness and disease including high blood pressure, heart disease and more. However, with hectic, fast paced lives, it’s a challenge to find strategies for managing stress, yet it’s a critical part of maintaining optimal health. Using a hot tub regularly is an easy and effective way to reduce stress.

Hot tub hydrotherapy – heat, massage and water – have been used for centuries to calm the mind, ease the body and help improve overall health. Plus, sitting in a hot tub increases blood circulation, which allows important cells of the immune system to move about freely. As a stress reduction strategy, even twenty minutes a few times as week can boost immunity and keep you healthy.

Staying healthy is a concern for everyone. While research is inconclusive when it comes to exactly how to build your immune system, making healthy lifestyle choices, getting exercise every day and using a hot tub to manage stress are sure ways to stay happy, healthy and feeling great.

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