Spring Clean-Up –Time to Make Room For a Backyard Hot Tub

Spring is in the air – the flowers are blooming, the days are longer and we’re more than ready to peek our heads outside for a little outdoor fun. Most of us have been inside all winter long and it’s finally time to peel off those layers and get some sun! But before we start sparking up the grill, we need to roll up our sleeves and get working on that backyard – and what better motivator than a new hot tub for springing us into high gear with raking, bagging and clearing? With family fun and a warm weather retreat in mind, we’re ready to make room for the bubbling jets and crystal clear water of our very own backyard hot tub.

Get Organized Ahead of Time – Before dragging the shovels and weed wacker from the garage, get organized with a plan. What does that mean? Simple. know ahead of time exactly what areas you want to clean and how much you plan on doing in one shot. If possible, know where you plan on putting your hot tub and save yourself the frustration and hassle of making the wrong choice. Remember, your hot tub is not a sofa where you can move it from wall to wall until you find the perfect spot. By making a plan ahead of time, you can work faster, more efficiently and ultimately, get more done.

Choose a Location Wisely – Where to put your hot tub is something a lot of people neglect to think about. Most make the mistake of assuming there’s plenty of room and time to decide later. But it’s one of the most important choices you’ll make- next to buying your hot tub of course- you want to select the right one. Think about not only where it’s most convenient, but also where you’ll have the most privacy. Remember- fences, bushes and tree overhangs tend to change. While you may have the perfect secluded spot in the spring, when the leaves fall or the bushes are gone, it may not be quite the same.

Plan to Clean in Phases – There’s no reason to get overwhelmed trying to beautify your entire backyard in one day. Why not split it up over a few weekends? Dividing the work will give you more energy and keep you motivated. It’s been a long winter for many of us and tackling the backyard all in one day may not be possible. Set reasonable goals and be realistic, you’re likely to achieve more that way and stay sane in the process. It’s okay to ask family and friends to help out too. After all, they will most likely be enjoying the hot tub as well. And the more people who get involved, the faster the project will go..

Looking forward to lounging and relaxing in your new hot tub? Spring time is the perfect time to get those yards ready because there’s a lot of entertaining and family fun to plan!.

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