Spousal Conversion Kit

You want a hot tub. Your spouse isn’t quite convinced. Lucky for you, we’ve got a Spousal Conversion Kit to help you convert them into a hot tub enthusiast like you!

Step 1: Procure a camcorder
Step 2: Follow one of the scripts below and record a tape for your spouse.


(begin recording)

Hi Honey.
First off, I love you. (smile charmingly) So much, in fact, that I’ve been thinking of ways we can spend more quality time together. You know that feeling when we hit Friday night and it doesn’t even feel like we’ve seen each other all week? You’re busy. I’m busy. We’re both busy. I think it’s time we thought about making more time for each other.

I know we can’t go gallivanting around like the old days. We can’t, on a whim, fly off somewhere for a romantic getaway. So I was thinking that a hot tub might be the perfect solution. A hot tub would be great for our relationship. It would give us time together… just the two of us. A relaxing oasis to talk about the day, plan the weekend, snuggle, or just sit quietly together. We can enjoy the tropical water, our backyard, and each other whenever we want… after work, in the morning, before bed, on the weekends. I’m even told natural hormones are activated upon immersion in the hot water of a hot tub. Not that it wouldn’t be romantic enough. (wink here)

(add this part if you have kids)
Plus a hot tub will be great for the kids. It’ll get them out in the fresh air away from computers or cell phones and give us all some good quality family time. Imagine all the hot tub parties they can have for birthdays… and how popular the kids will be when they can invite their friends over to use it. And better yet, we will know where they are so we don’t have to worry all the time.

Couldn’t we both use some relaxation? The health benefits of relaxation and stress relief are numerous and the ‘hydromassage’ of a hot tub is also great for relieving sore muscles and nagging lower back pain. I’ve heard that a hot tub before bed even helps you sleep more restfully. Here, try this. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Imagine us sitting beside each other in tropical water, the warm sun on your face, soothing massage on your back, and a cool breeze in your hair… Isn’t that relaxing? Can’t you imagine your stress melting away? See—Life is better with a hot tub! And when we get one, and you agree, you don’t even need to say ‘you were right’. And I won’t even say “I told you so.” (optional)

So, Honey, even if you’re not convinced, let’s go take a ‘test soak’ in the Hot Spring Spas of Music City ‘Mood Room’. It’s obligation-free, pressure-free and stress-free… and I know you like free stuff. It will give us a chance to ‘test the waters’ (wink here) to get more comfortable with hot tubs and meet their friendly team that will be ready to help whenever we’re ready. So how ‘bout we meet there after work on Thursday? Or maybe Saturday morning? You decide. You’re in control! (smile like you mean it).


(begin recording)

Hi Honey.
Let’s play a game. I call it “I say. You say.”

I say, “Let’s buy a hot tub.”
You say, “We can’t afford it.”

I say “Yes we can.”
You say “How?”

I say “We can buy a hot tub for less than $100 a month. That’s less than most hotels for a single night’s getaway. With a hot tub we get a whole year of romantic getaways!”
You say, “Hmm… where would we put it?”

I say “I’m not sure yet, but someone from Hot Spring Spas of Music City will come to the backyard and help us plan for it. They’ve got pictures of installations in Tennessee to help us brainstorm. They will even take pictures and digitally insert a ‘virtual’ hot tub so we can see what it looks like in different spots.”

You say, “Hmmm… How about maintenance? We’ve got so little time!”
I say, “It is so easy. Less than 15 minutes a week. We spend more time standing at the pump every week just to take outings together. And if we ever have questions, we can just call Hot Spring Spas of Music City. They have 20 employees that are trained to answer our questions while we’re still getting the hang of it.”

You say, “Hmmm… how much would we pay in electricity?”
I say “Amazingly, they actually guarantee the monthly operational costs in writing… usually around $1 per day. We can definitely afford that!”

You say, “We’re so busy. How often would we actually use it?”
I say, “Even just a few minutes would feel so good in the morning, after work with a drink, or under the stars before bed to help us both sleep better. It’s always hot and ready (or cool in the summer). Wouldn’t it be great for our relationship? It’s like a mini romantic getaway without actually having to leave!”

You say, “Let’s buy a hot tub.”
I say “OK, you win!”

Wasn’t that fun!


Write your own script! Here are some topics and talking points:

Hot tubs are family friendly.
-Gets the kids away from the computer, TV and video games
-“Forces” the kids to talk to us face to face
-You can’t text message while you’re hot tubbing
-Fresh air is good for you
-Memories aren’t made by computer chips; they’re made by shared activities
-Time spent in a hot tub is quality time
-Lets you make a connection with the kids that doesn’t require Bluetooth

Hot tubbing is affordable
-We can buy a hot tub for around $100 per month
-A month of hot tubbing costs less than one day at a ballpark or amusement park
-If our doctor writes a prescription, a hot tub might even be tax deductible
-It’s an investment in the family that pays big dividends: Memories are priceless
-You can’t put a price on quality family time
-Gives your vacation dollars a real workout—you can put’em to work every night… all year round!
-A Hot tub can S-T-R-E-T-C-H your vacation budget… a (backyard) Vacation budget.
-Consider this: a recent AAA survey found that lodging, and dining for a family of four on vacation costs, on average, $247 per day— a figure that DOES NOT include airfare, gas, car rental or entertainment such as theme park admissions

Hot tubs reduce stress
-Makes it easy to go relax on a whim (away from the TV)
-Can ‘get away’ without having to leave
-Fresh air and sunshine never made anyone feel bad
-No phones. No fax machines. No traffic.
-A hot tub actually lowers your blood pressure; one of the side effects of stress.
-Hot tubbing is healthy—good for circulation, healthy cardio exercise, my lower back pain