Schedule Family Time and Less Media Time

Kids grow up too quickly and don’t seem to stay little long enough. While we want them to mature and become independent, watching them grow up can also mean growing apart. They need our attention, especially adolescents nearing that age when life gets more complicated. Schedule time together provides the opportunity they need to confide in you about what’s on their minds — school, friends, sports and more.

Scheduling relaxing time together to unwind and share without media interference. Turn your devices off and tune in. This provides the opportunity for sharing. If you have established a nice relaxation area at home, go to that area to talk openly.  For hot tub and endless pool owners, a relaxing soak or swim along with meaningful conversation with your tween or teen helps them grow and develop coping routines

When you engage your teens regularly in conversation, you help them feel valued and reinforce their confidence.  As a role model for your children, your positive actions can help them become better and more mature communicators. By learning through your example, they can get a head start on interacting in more meaningful ways with their peers.

Not having an agenda and just unwinding at home creates more family interactions and memories. The experiences kids have early in life will influence the adults they ultimately become.

A bonus benefit of a family spa is your children might think of it as something fun and very cool that could be shared with their friends. Checking in with your kids and their friends in your spa can earn you major parent points and provide opportunities to better know the friends in their lives. as well as discuss relevant concerns.



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