New Year’s Resolution Check Up – How a Hot Tub Can Help

The New Year is a time for reflecting…exactly the right time to make a New Year’s resolution to take better care of ourselves and get healthy. While we all start the year off with a bang, somehow, many of us manage to fall back into our old routines…the same routines that led us to make the resolution in the first place.

Luckily, a hot tub can make keeping a get healthy resolution easier. Yes, it’s true. A regular dip in the hot tub-even just a couple of times a week can significantly improve your health and well-being. Now that’s one New Year’s resolution you’ll work hard to keep!

Soaking to Relieve Pain – Most people are familiar with the pain relieving qualities of a hot tub. The warm, massaging water takes chronic back pain, arthritis pain and even joint and muscle fatigue associated with fibromyalgia away almost instantly. But did you also know that a hot tub actually promotes healing of damaged muscle or tissue?

It’s called hydrotherapy and it works like this- the three main properties of your hot tub, heat, water and buoyancy act together to invigorate and gently ease pain. Heated water raises your body’s temperature causing blood vessels to dilate which improves your circulation. Buoyancy takes the pressure off your joints by reducing body weight and jets circulate massaging water to relax tight muscles and increase endorphins (natural pain relievers).

After a few minutes, your blood pressure drops and your circulation improves. Muscle tissue is more responsive to stretching and more likely to release lactic acids and other toxins.

Soaking to Improve Sleep – No one will argue that one of the easiest ways to dramatically improve your health is with a good night’s sleep. For generations we’ve been listening to our parents exclaim the benefits of “eight hours”, but how many of us actually get it? A dip in the hot tub will do wonders by preparing your body for a restful night’s sleep. No more insomnia, tossing and turning or staring at the ceiling- your hot tub calms the mind and body, preparing you for a peaceful, restful sleep.

Controlling Type II Diabetes – I’ll bet you had no idea your hot tub could be so beneficial for controlling your Type II Diabetes. The truth is your blood sugar level drops with consistent hot tub use. It’s been proven time and time again and it is a terrific way to relax, de-stress and do yourself a little good in the way of lowering your blood pressure.

Stress Relief – Stress affects us all at one time or another, some more than others. Luckily, for all of us, a hot tub can be a tremendous way to de-stress and simply calm the mind after a long day at the office, at home or just about anywhere stress levels increase. Not addressing elevated stress can lead to more serious health conditions, making it the right time to learn how to productively reduce and eliminate stress. Relax and let the hot tub wash away the day, leaving you rejuvenated and ready to face what lies ahead.

Get ready to stay true to your New Year’s resolution for a healthier you because your hot tub is the perfect place to improve your well-being, reduce stress, improve your sleep and feel great.

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