National Safety Month

Tips on the safe enjoyment of a hot tub

The National Safety Council has deemed June to be National Safety Month. We at Hot Spring Spas of Music City and Upper Cumberland intend to honor NSM by laying out a few important safety tips to remember the next time you hop in the hot tub.

Basics – Common sense rules apply here. Things like entering/exiting slowly, no jumping or diving, putting the cover on after use, and no glass in or around the tub are some fairly fundamental rules that warrant mentioning.

Leisurely activities – Hot tubs are primarily for relaxing, mostly for adults. Children should only use a hot tub in the presence of an adult. Even elderly persons should consult a doctor before entering. Also, the use of medication and alcohol is a big no-no.

Maintenance – Regular checkups and are important. It ensures the continued function of your hot tub in a safe manner. This includes inspecting the jets, routine drainage, and sanitizer/water balance checkups. There are specialists who can do this for you.

Just be careful with your hot tub and it’ll work wonders. It will add nothing but enjoyment to you and your family. If you don’t have one, we implore Middle Tennessee residents to come visit us at Hot Spring Spas of Music City or Upper Cumberland, so you can see just how great and safe they can be!