Mother’s Day

Honoring moms everywhere


Mothers are simply amazing. Whether it’s the unconditional love, the hugs, or the advice, moms know the way to their children’s heart. No matter how crummy your day is, in a quick second, a mother can turn it all around.

One day a year just doesn’t do them justice. That’s why it’s important to take that day and turn it into more than a holiday. Pull out all the stops and create a day that rivals all others – one filled with love, appreciation, gratitude, service, and affection.

The gift that keeps on giving
And gifts! You can’t forget about the gifts. Showering your mother with her heart’s desire is a classic way to put a smile on her face. Not just an average gift, but a gift that represents all the above mentioned emotions – love, appreciation, gratitude, service, and affection – a gift that allows your mother to unwind. She deserves a hot tub, or sauna!

For the moms of Middle Tennessee, the reality of a Mother’s Day hot tub or sauna has never been more real. From now up until May 15th, Hot Spring Spas of Music City in Lebanon or Brentwood, and Hot Spring Spas of Upper Cumberland in Crossville, are holding a massive Mother’s Day sale!