How to Make a Hot Tub the Centerpiece of Your Backyard

When you are considering the landscape design of your backyard, your hot tub is the perfect centerpiece and focal point. Whether your space is a smaller backyard in an urban setting, or if you are working with a section of a larger backyard in a more suburban or rural setting, a hot tub makes an exciting point of interest for decorating your backyard.

You’ll want to think about how the hot tub fits into the overall landscape of the back yard, and you will also want to consider what the view from the tub will be. Providing a private, intimate setting for the hot tub is important, yet you want to have a beautiful environment to look at and enclose yourself in while you are relaxing in your hot tub.

A trend in landscape design that is growing more and more popular is, “Going Green,” which is all about taking a greener approach to landscape design, which is all about using eco-friendly products and practices, focusing on using local materials, finding ways to recycle the materials you may already have in your garden. Other popular “green” trends include using drought tolerant plants because they require less watering.

Your hot tub can become somewhat of a cocoon space right in your own yard. Work with a designer who can come up with some design concepts that allow for privacy, but that also incorporate some color and a variety of shapes and textures.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have another water feature within the line of sight of those sitting in the hot tub? A little fountain surrounded by shrubs or a Koi pond with a fountain in the middle would add an exotic touch to the space. A path of stone pavers winding its way from the house to the hot tub with ground cover plants along the edges to keep things clean, use less water and eliminate the need to cut grass is another option.

If your hot tub is on a deck, you can build privacy fences and bring in tall, potted plants to fill in to both add cover and make the space more cozy. Planting trees nearby that will offer even more privacy and shade will help enhance the enjoyment of the space as well.

To get ideas you can visit our hot tub show room and look at the various installation photos we have gathered. Landscaping magazines will have some ideas for different layouts that can help make your hot tub the center of your backyard design. What you are going for is the look and feel of a retreat where you can step into another world leaving the stress and worry of your work life and enter a peaceful oasis of calm.

When you go to your back yard to slip into your hot tub with your beloved by your side you want to look around and be pleased with what you see, but you also want it to be as low maintenance as possible.

Whether it’s on a deck or ensconced within shrubs and trees for privacy, a hot tub can make a wonderful centerpiece for your back yard and bring hours of enjoyment for you and your family for years to come.