How a Hot Tub Can Soothe Sore Muscles

There are few devices that help people get fit, feel better and revive them all at the same time. The hot tub is a great all-around tool for improving function, relieving pain and increasing a sense of well-being.

Even with limited room, it is easy to incorporate a hot tub into almost any situation. With the wide variety of sizes and shapes now available, choosing just the right one can make it possible for anyone to own their own personal hydrotherapy spa.

Getting Fit with Hot Tubs – The buoyancy provided by a hot tub offers many benefits for those with physical injuries or illnesses. One of those is the ability to exercise without stressing joints or aggravating an illness. However, anyone can get a great workout in the swirling waters of their own personal spa.

Aqua-Aerobics – Doing aerobic-styled exercises in water is a popular way to workout. A hot tub offers a way to get in the same type of workout with much less strain. It feels easier, but can be every bit as challenging to the cardio-vascular system and muscles as land-based aerobics.

Strength Training – Using the pressure from the water in general allows an increased benefit from isometric exercises for strength training. The strong jets of a hot tub, increases the effectiveness of those exercises to build muscles and endurance.

Safe Workouts – The Mayo Clinic has even shown through studies that using a hot tub can replace strenuous exercise giving cardiac patients and people with debilitating illnesses such as arthritis a way to work out in a safer manner. The passive heat from a hot tub raises heart rates as much as working out on an exercise bike. At the same time, the Mayo Clinic study showed that the time spent in the hot tub was less stressful than even light exercise and that the body recovered quicker from a hot water session.

Relief from Strain and Injury with a Hot Tub – Exercising on land can be dangerous. Even in mild, danger-free exercises, the gravity and solid ground pummel the body. Strains and even fractures are often encountered. A hot tub reduces the chances of strains or injury from the exercises themselves.

Soaking in the warm, soothing waters of a hot tub following any exercise also decreases the chances of injuries from strains. The pulsating massage of the jets of a hot tub release tension from muscles and works out any knots and helps repair tears common from a workout.

Using a Hot Tub for Mental and Physical Preparation – Having a hot tub at home also allows people to prepare for the day. An early morning soak increases circulation and prepares the body for the day. Relaxing in a hot tub at the end of the day provides a better atmosphere for sleep and gets the body ready to work hard the next day.

Along with the mental preparation a hot tub provides, it is also a great way to physically prepare for a workout. No matter what type of exercise is chosen, warm ups are always an important step to avoid strain and injury. Soaking in a hot tub for a few minutes prior to exercising can help prevent injuries by warming up the muscles and getting them ready to perform.

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