Having Trouble Falling Asleep? Soaking in a HotSpring Spa Before Bedtime Can Help You Fall Asleep Faster

Does the stress and anxiety of the work day build up to the point where you are beginning to have trouble falling asleep at night? Well, in this post you are going to learn how soaking in a HotSpring spa before bedtime can help you fall asleep and enjoy a much more peaceful, relaxed sleep.

The secret to the effectiveness of a HotSpring spa is the combination of the warm water and the jets that work together to soothe your tired muscles. Hydrotherapy is a time-tested way to heal and relax the body. Since the dawn of man people have visited natural hot springs in search of relief and healing from the burbling waters warmed naturally by the earth.

Today, you can bring all of the best aspects of a natural spring (with the exception of the experience of sitting on slipper rocks) right to your own back yard with a portable spa. A HotSpring Spa in your back yard or on your deck can become your oasis of calm and tranquility in a world full of chaos, strife, aggressive competition and uncertainty about the future. When you keep all of those anxious thoughts in your mind it builds up stress and anxiety in your body by restricting blood flow, tightening the muscles, grating on the nerves.

Soaking in a HotSpring Spa increases blood flow in the body and stimulates the body to secrete endorphins, which are natural chemicals that enhance your feelings of well-being, which can lead to blissfully relaxing sleep. While you are relaxing in your portable spa you can literally make the rest of the world “go away”. As you dip your foot into the swirling, bubbling, welcoming warmth, you inhale a deep sigh of relief and exhale away the worries, and regrets as you sink down into the soothing waters. Your mind shifts into deep relaxation mode as you let the power of the water and the jets comfort, support and heal you.

To add another dimension to your luxurious escape into soothing comfort you could play soft music in the background that will further relax you and block out any distracting background noises. Listening to the music will help your brain to relax as well and it will give it something to focus on lest it wander back to dwell on the angst and strife of the day. Sharing this experience with a loved one helps to bond you and strengthen your relationship.

The two of you can sit in the tub and laugh and catch up with what is going on in each other’s lives, or you can sit in peaceful silence just enjoying the closeness of the one you love while the luxuriously warm, swirling waters of your portable spa embrace your bodies and bring a sense of calm.

Tomorrow has troubles of its own. For right now there is peace, tranquility and restful sleep after a soak in your HotSpring Spa.