Calm the Mind and Increase Work Performance in 20 Minutes a Day

These days, who isn’t looking for a few great strategies for reducing stress and performing better? With self improvement seminars, “how to” books and workshops on everything from eating for success to building self confidence, it seems everyone is out for solutions. While many of these strategies are probably helpful- or at the very least interesting- it’s possible to make significant improvements from the comforts of home in just twenty minutes a day. How? A short dip in the hot tub will eliminate stress, improve your focus and leave you ready to face challenges rejuvenated and fresh.

Start the Day Stress Free – Mornings can be hectic. And whether you’re a mom with a family of four or a single professional on a tight schedule, there’s usually little time for dilly-dally. In fact, in most homes across America, there’s barely enough time to grab the car keys, a coat and maybe a coffee to go. For folks who are rushed in their morning routines, pressure to be on time and perform creates stress- and that’s before you even arrive at work. Making a quick dip in the hot tub part of an early morning routine gives your body the extra little “push” it needs to deal with morning challenges. Sure, you may have to rise a little earlier, but after twenty minutes of soothing relaxation, the rest of the morning is somehow easier, more pleasant and pain free.

Rejuvenate, Refresh and Revitalize – Any Time No time for an early morning soak? No problem. Reap the benefits from a dip in the hot tub anytime during the day that it’s convenient. A quick twenty minute pick-me-up with a massage will rejuvenate and refresh your mind, clear your thoughts and help you focus. Besides, taking a break from the daily grind- whatever it may be- will help you more clearly prioritize and work through the day’s responsibilities. Late morning, early afternoon or anytime you need to take a mental and physical hiatus, the hot tub delivers.

Calm the Mind and Body Before Bed – The number one reason work performance suffers is from a lack of focus due to inadequate rest. If you are having difficulty getting to sleep at night or you can’t seem to stay asleep once you’ve retired, try adding a twenty minute soak in the hot tub to your nightly routine. Heat, massage and soothing water calm even the busiest of minds, giving your brain a chance to slow down. And tired, overworked or tense muscles relax. Nothing is as effective as a warm hot tub for eliminating tension, aches and pains and alleviating stress. Get a deep, restful night’s sleep and work performance improves practically overnight.

Nothing is as effective as a twenty minute dip in the hot tub for rejuvenating, refreshing and calming the mind and body. Whether it’s a soak before the day begins, a break for a mid afternoon pick-me-up or a relaxing dip before bed, twenty minutes in a hot tub can help calm your mind, eliminate stress and improve your focus leading to increased work performance.

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