Benefits of 15 Minutes in a Hot Tub

Positive Affects a Hot Tub Can Have on Your Body

Besides soaking in a hot tub after a long and tiring day feeling relaxing and luxurious, it can also improve your overall health. The heat can improve your circulation through the dilatation of blood vessels, which decreases blood pressure.

Buoyancy also plays a part; by reducing the weight it bears by as much as 90%, it can relieve joint aches and pains. A water massage can affect muscles and joints, while air massage can have an impact on the skin receptors that transmit vibrations all over the body. Both of these come from the powerful jets that relieve overall muscle tension.

The comfortably warm temperatures and the weightlessness feeling, it creates a tendency to fall asleep faster with fewer disruptions. This can lead to restorative stage of sleep that positively affects the bodily functions, which is called the REM stage.