Arthritis Awareness Month: The Benefit of a Hot Tub

Painful and stiff joints caused from arthritis are debilitating for many people. According to The Arthritis Foundation, at least 54 million Americans suffer from arthritis, the nation’s #1 cause of disability. May is National Arthritis Awareness Month, and we’re breaking down the top 3 benefits of a Hot Spring Spa for arthritis patients.

The warm water of a Hot Spring Spa provides a relaxing and soothing experience for all of its’ beneficiaries. However, the advantages of temperate water goes beyond just relaxation. Hot tub hydrotherapy produces hydrostatic pressure on the body, which in turn decreases some of the debilitating symptoms that arthritis patients suffer from. Pain, swelling, and mobility issues decrease with hydrotherapy.

Massage Jets
Spas provide a powerful combination of hot water and massages. Hot Spring Spas innovative, patented jets are designed for specific muscle groups. They deliver power streams of water that can be customized to a desirable level. For arthritis patients, these massages help ease pain and discomfort, reduce swelling, and lower stiffness.

The buoyancy of a Hot Spring Spa reduces body weight by 90%*. Decreasing joint and muscle pressure helps ease tension and brings temporary solace to aches and pains. Reduced physical and mental stress is key to reaching overall wellness, especially for those that suffer from arthritis. (*Body weight reduced by 90% with neck-depth immersion)

Check out this review from one of our customers:

“Due to health issues, I was in need of hydrotherapy so I began searching for spas and their prices…our spa has performed flawlessly, and we continue to thoroughly enjoy it.” – Bobby

Arthritis is not only physically painful, but can be discouraging and isolating. The benefits of a Hot Spring Spa promotes both physical relief, and elevate mental calmness. Contact us today to find out how a Hot Spring Spa can improve your wellness.


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