American Diabetes Association Alert Day

March 25th is American Diabetes Association Alert Day and the perfect time to spread the word about getting tested for diabetes as well as sharing strategies for prevention. With over 26 million adults and children living with diabetes and millions more at high risk, raising awareness about the disease and the impact of healthy lifestyle choices is an important goal. In light of Alert Day, here is some information that is sure to help in the effort to make early detection and prevention of diabetes a top priority.

Testing for Pre-Diabetes – The American Diabetes Association offers a free test, called the Diabetes Risk Test, to anyone interested in learning if they have pre-diabetes or an unusually high risk for developing diabetes. The test is available year round and is easy. After testing is over, blood glucose levels can be tested which, if elevated, can predict diagnosis of diabetes.

Risk Factors and Healthy Lifestyle Choices – There are several well known risk factors for developing diabetes including obesity, age, a sedentary lifestyle, family history, even race. Some of these factors cannot be controlled, as in age, family history and race. But others, like obesity and a sedentary lifestyle can be decreased. In fact, statistics show that maintaining a healthy body weight through regular exercise and diet is the most effective way to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes and reduce diabetes related complications. Eating a well balanced diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and fiber is a smart strategy.

Benefits of Hot Tub Hydrotherapy – Using a hot tub just a few times a week for twenty minutes brings relaxation and stress relief to many, but it’s also a proven, effective way to control Type 2 diabetes. A study conducted in the New England Journal of Medicine found that using a hot tub naturally reduces blood sugar levels, improves sleep and even increases weight loss. For folks suffering with Type 2 diabetes, sitting in a hot tub even a few times a week can help the body use insulin more effectively by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow to skeletal muscles. Plus, as an added benefit, keeping off those extra pounds is easier when a regular dip in the hot tub is added to a weight loss and fitness plan.

Making healthy lifestyle choices, like eating right and maintaining a healthy body weight, are key factors in early detection and prevention of diabetes. With everyone’s help, the goal of American Diabetes Association Alert Day can be realized with more people living a healthy, happy, diabetes-free life.

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