Smartop swim spa

Easy Handling — On and Off

Available for spas up to twenty-feet, Smartop Swim Spa makes easy work of opening and closing the covers required for these larger spas. Available as an Upright, Vanish XL or Hybrid model (one Upright, one Vanish XL).

The exclusive center bridge design where the two covers meet, creates a tight seal that holds the heat in the swim spa while preventing dirt and debris from entering the swim spa.

Smartop Features

Non-Water Absorbing Foam

Smartop is insulated with specially formulated, Owens Corning closed cell, waterproof foam, making it impermeable to moisture and water weight gain, thereby preventing sagging and water puddling on the cover. Smartop is sanitary and clean and will not develop mold, mildew or odor.

DecoShield Protective Overlay

DecoShield is an elegant, textured polymer overlay that provides style AND protection to Smartop’s rigid exterior shell. This durable, weather-resistant material is designed to withstand extreme heat and cold, snow, ice, pounding hail and intense UV rays.


The durable, polymer panels and protective DecoShield overlay makes cleaning quick and easy using common dish soap and water. Smartop does not require the use of costly conditioners, nor is there any required maintenance to the foam, making Smartop effortless and easy to own.

Cost and Energy Savings

Smartop’s heat retention capability (often referred to as R-value) remains constant throughout its lifespan due to the closed cell insulating foam never absorbing moisture or water. This results in superior heat retention and cost savings.

Dual Cover Lift System

The patented EAS Lift and Assist component, combined with a rear hydraulic cover lift, makes opening and closing Smartop feather-light and fingertip easy.

Repairable and Replaceable Components

In the unlikely event Smartop becomes damaged, every component is repairable or replaceable. NEVER deal with the hassle of a costly cover replacement again.

Product Specifications


Pepper Grey
Sterling Silver

Available with Black Anodized Aluminum Trim

Clearance Required

For Smartop Upright 3.0: As little as 8 inches is required behind the spa and 3 inches on each side.

For Smartop Vanish XL: A minimum of 28 inches is required behind the spa and 5 inches on each side.

UL Certification

UL Certified to ASTM F1346-91 (Reapproved 2010) Standard for Manual Safety Covers

Optional Enhancements

Add the SmartShield 800 to Increase the Already Energy Conscious Cover by More Than 20%

Safe and Secure

Stainless steel lockdown cables and a combination padlock prevent unauthorized use of the spa keeping children and unsupervised users safe.


Smartop Spa Covers are manufactured using the finest materials designed to withstand the harshest elements. All components are repairable and replaceable, which allows Smartop to be long-lasting and outperform traditional foam covers in every category.

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