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At Hot Spring Spas of Music City, we have 2015 stock that we NEED to get rid of. All 2015 Hot Spring Hot Tubs Must Go! Thanks to the law of supply and demand, this bodes well for YOU!  We need room for our 2016 models, so you SAVE.

Now until they are all gone, get a Free Salt Water System with the purchase of our one of our remaining in stock 2015 Hot Spring inventory, already priced to MOVE!

So stop by the store and party with us! Hurry, this sale ends 12/31/15!**



Review Us
Are you loving your Hot Tub or Spa? We would greatly appreciate you taking the time to express your experience with Hot Spring Spas of Music City (HSSMC).

Click here: to get started. If you write us an online review – email us @ (Put "We Reviewed You" in the subject line and we will ship you a FREE
gift! Are you like most people and do not know how to write a review online? Contact us and we will have a testimonial knowledgeable person assist you in the process!
For submitting a review, receive one of the following FREE:
  • InSPAration Fragrance – 9oz
  • Spa Guard PH Increaser
  • Spa Guard PH Decreaser
  • Spa Guard Total Alkalinity Increaser
  • Spa Guard Anti-Foam
  • Spa Guard Water Clarifier
Water Care Maintenance
Are you too busy to maintain your spa? Leave the maintenance to us! Call us (615) 443-4441 or (877) 352-9489, and let us customize a plan for your lifestyle and budget. Learn how you can SAVE $150 on our Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP)!
15% Off All In-Stock 2013 Helo Saunas! Both Traditional and Far-Infrared!
Silk Balance
Make the maintenance on your new backyard Hot Spring Spa a cinch. Silk Balance leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and can help prolong the life of your water, reducing time between your drain, clean, and fill (which saves you a ton of money). It also holds your PH and Alkalinity level. Just add the appropriate amount to your pre-balanced water once a week (with your enhanced shock or spa shock) and walk away as Silk Balance goes to work for you. With water care this easy, why wouldn't you switch?
· New customers - 25% off (Free AG+ Cartridge not included with this offer)
· FREE Silk Balance Bottle with purchase of a Hot Spring Spa or Limelight Hot Tub with Deluxe Delivery (*Not valid with any other offer)
Trade-in your Hot Spring Spa, Tiger River Spa, Limelight Hot Tub, Hot Spot Hot Tub or Solana Spa:
- Call us for your Trade-in Value (Hot Spring Spa lines and Non-Hot Spring Spas)
Twitter & HSSMC E-Newsletter
Make sure you follow us on Twitter and sign up for our HSSMC E-Newsletter. Sometimes we will "Tweet" basic chemical specials such as "10% off on a Spa Guard Chemical to the next customer in the store referencing this tweet" and if you aren't following us, you won't receive it (up to a $9.97 savings). So, make sure you follow us @hssofmusiccity. You can also sign up for our newsletter which will notify you of the specials below, the day they come out. Go to and go to the bottom where it asks you to "Join our Free e-newsletter". Just enter your email and you're all set to save hundreds with HSSMC!
Services You Might Not Know About
Warranty Pre-Expiration Service – No one likes having their heater or jet pumps go out 1 month after their warranty expires and having to pay for something that, if it had been caught at the right time, could have saved them potentially hundreds of dollars. Before your warranty is about to expire, we can come out and do a Pre-Warranty Expiration Check. For only $150, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your hot tub is in the best shape possible & that it will continue to run for years to come. Click here for more details.
Hot Tub Relocation – If you need your spa moved, you've come to the right place at exactly the right time. This month we'll move your hot tub for 10% off our normal price. Call us with your details and let's get you set up today!
Hot Tub Certification – Do you want to sell your hot tub? What if you're moving and want to package your spa with your house? How is the buyer going to know that your hot tub is worth what you say it is? There's one
sure fire way to get that tub certified and that's through Hot Spring Spas of Music City!
Our certified technician can come out to your house and go through our "28 Point Inspection". Call for Hot Tub Certification Cost.
You Should Be In Pictures
Do you have a great looking setting for your hot tub or sauna? What about a fun photo of you and family members taking a soak or steam? Maybe even a video that combines both? Whatever your form of media, Hot Spring Spas is looking for it! We'll even reward you for your efforts. Send us in a picture of these or a video that captures your hot tub experience with you talking about how much you love your spa and we'll give you a reward. See the bottom of this page for details.