Service & Repair

We provide dedicated service to Hot Spring, Sundance and Jacuzzi hot tubs and sauna owners, not just those who bought from Hot Spring Spas of Music City.

Whether you need hot tub repair, sauna maintenance, or anything in between, we can help.

Take the stress out of hot tub ownership and rely on Hot Spring Spas of Music City to care for your hot tub. We offer several services and resources completely free of charge along with several other essential hot tub services that are affordably priced.


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Hot Tub Services

Rely on HotSpring Spas of Music City to care for your hot tub.
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Sauna Services

Servicing the Sauna - Where health and relaxation meet.
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Owner Services

Auto Ship, Warranty and Hot Tub Moving info
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Tools & Resources

Resources to enhance your spa ownership experience

Let's build that dream backyard!