Its golden interior is a constant invitation, promising genuine warmth and coziness through the dual-wall glass paneling. There’s a real sense of roominess too; unimpeded sight lines, three-level interior, wide, easily-movable benches… All complemented by a stylish yet deceptively powerful sauna heater that sets the ideal conditions for relaxation within minutes.


Three layout options

COMFORT offers three layout options, making it easier to find one that works best for you and your home. Each is easy and convenient to install, letting you enjoy the genuine sauna experience as quickly as possible.

Simply stylish

With its subtle aesthetic touches, COMFORT has a look all its own. Notice the elegance of the large glass panels without a corner post. COMFORT is as much about what you don’t notice as what you do.

Integrated ceiling

Or the sleekly convenient extra-large door handle and soft splash of light from the integrated ceiling fixture. Lighting fixture varies for North American saunas. Call Helo for details.

Massive wood panels

Wide board wood panels available inside or out (or both).


All fasteners and materials used are built for traditional wet/dry sauna use.