Dizzy Pig: Happy Nancy 7.9oz



Happy Nancy is just out, and new uses are being discovered daily. Great results have been reported on chicken, shrimp, fish and lean pork — but vegetables may be complimented the most by this versatile seasoning.


Happy Nancy is a mild blend without chiles or peppercorns, and is delicious on all but the most robust of foods. Designed for sensitive taste buds, kids, and mild foods, Happy Nancy has bright, snappy, clean flavors that compliment just about everything. Mild doesn’t have to be bland!

Best Used On

Vegetables, shrimp, fish, chicken, lean pork.


Other Uses

We heard Happy Nancy is great in Macaroni and Cheese. But the verdict is still out there! Let us know what YOU use it on!


Happy Happy Nancy contains none of the top ten listed allergens. Contains celery seed and garlic (which some folks have sensitivities to)

Dizzy Pig products are ALL NATURAL and contain NO wheat gluten, MSG, peanuts or tree nuts.