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Deduct the Cost of Your Spa If you purchase a hot tub, spa, or sauna for the health benefits, then you might be able to deduct the expense on your next income tax return. Here’s what you need to know: You must have a note from your doctor recommending you hydrotherapy to treat a debilitating  Read More

You want a hot tub. Your spouse isn’t quite convinced. Lucky for you, we’ve got a Spousal Conversion Kit to help you convert them into a hot tub enthusiast like you! Step 1: Procure a camcorder Step 2: Follow one of the scripts below and record a tape for your spouse. SAMPLE SCRIPT #1 (begin  Read More

Discover the health benefits of sauna and hot tub therapy. Whether you submerge yourself in a hot tub or delight in the heat of sauna, you aren’t just enjoying relaxing “you” time, you might actually be promoting good health. This is because of something called hydrotherapy, or the process of treating an ailment with water.  Read More

Spending 15-20 minutes in a home sauna every day can do wonders for your skin’s clarity, weight management, and overall well being. And that’s just the start. Saunas provide other health benefits for more serious conditions too. While saunas are proven to be great for our health, we recommend anyone with a health concern speak  Read More

Those who suffer from arthritis, diabetes, insomnia, soreness, and stress may find that 15 minutes in the hot tub makes a world of difference. Hot tub therapy makes us feel better because of three main factors: heat, buoyancy, and massage. Arthritis Today, more than 46 million Americans have some form of arthritis. Although there are  Read More

Could owning a hot tub really be the answer to improving family relationships? In today’s rush around and “hurried” world of juggling school, work and family relationships, family time is often sacrificed, causing these crucial relationships to suffer. But family time is important and needs to nurtured. Hot Tubs are great opportunities for family bonding  Read More

(ARA) – For leisurely entertaining this summer, take full advantage of the great outdoors and extend your living space by creating an outdoor room. Why not have an outdoor living room with comfortable seating for all or your friends, or a space where you could fire up the grill and dine out under the stars?  Read More

(ARA) – The beginning of a new year – and a new decade – is the time many people pledge to live differently. For many, that change means living a more sustainable lifestyle. Sustainability, once only a buzz word, is now fast becoming the way to live consciously. From reducing your water usage to buying  Read More