Soaking in warm jetted water is oftentimes seen as being a luxury. But did you know that a 20-minute soak session in a hot tub is much more than just a luxurious treat to yourself? It’s actually good for your health and wellbeing! Researchers Dr. Doreen Stiskal of Seton Hall University in New Jersey and  Read More

Arthritis Benefits If you are one of the 46 million Americans affected by arthritis, soaking in your Hot Spring spa can help ease your pain. Joint inflammation from arthritis causes swelling, pain and stiffness, often resulting in the loss of joint movement or function. Immersion in warm water produces hydrostatic pressure on the body that  Read More

According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 132 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia more than one night a week. Find out how spending time in your spa before going to bed can lead to a deeper and more peaceful sleep.

There are three factors at work in a spa: heat, buoyancy and massage. Working together, they create a totally relaxing hydromassage experience. The heat in a hot tub raises your body temperature, increasing circulation. The buoyancy of the hot tub reduces your body weight by 90%*, relieving pressure on muscles and joints with a relaxing  Read More