Increase the Value of Your Home in 3 Easy Steps

Whether you’re looking to sell or just wanting to make a few changes here and there, the right improvements to your home will not only enhance it aesthetically, but will add value to your investment. And while there are countless things you can do, it’s easy to increase the worth of your home in three easy steps. So before running out, spending time and energy building a deck or repaving the driveway, take a look at these three suggestions and see if your home is ready for an upgrade.

Add Curb Appeal – Nothing is more important to a home than a welcome appearance. When a broken fence, an overgrown lawn or a messy front yard are the first things you see, nothing else matters. In many cases, realtors will not even list your home if the outside isn’t pleasing. The fact is, prospective buyers are influenced significantly by what the exterior of a house looks like and are willing to pay more for one that looks properly maintained. Take a look at the outside of your home with an objective eye. If you need to take a few Saturdays to make improvements, consider doing it- it’s one of the easiest and least expensive ways to add instant value to your home.

Upgrade Your Kitchen – Believe it or not, the most frequented room in any home is usually the kitchen. Kitchen tables are where we eat, share stories, catch up with relatives and loved ones or just sit and think. The kitchen is typically the first place we go in the morning and one of the last places we visit before retiring to the bedroom. Homeowners looking to add value to a home can realize significant increases simply by updating cabinets, adding pantry space or redoing kitchen flooring. Walk through your kitchen and ask yourself if you have the space you need to make a good meal. Is there plenty of counter room available to cook and entertain without feeling clustered? Small changes have tremendous benefits in the kitchen.

Invest in a Hot Tub – One of the easiest value adding improvements you can make to your home is investing in a quality hot tub. Folks looking to buy are instantly drawn to the inviting idea of having their very own stress relief solution out the back door. With 24-hour convenience year round, nothing is more enticing than a bubbly hot tub. Besides, if you’re looking for another reason to invest in a hot tub besides adding value to your home, how about improving your health? Taking a dip in the hot tub for only twenty minutes three times a week can reduce stress, eliminate arthritis pain and even help you sleep better. A hot tub will add instant appeal to an otherwise boring back yard and will be an easy selling point for sure.

Making value adding improvements to your home is easy as long as you know where to start. For instant return on your investment, consider cleaning up the exterior to add curb appeal, make smart, useful changes to your kitchen and consider investing in an inviting, relaxing hot tub. Whether you’re planning on selling, or you’re simply looking to make a few changes, these are sure to make you smile.

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