How to Move From “Work More” to “Rest More”

It used to be that sayings like “The early bird gets the worm” and “Snooze, you lose” kept us motivated and convinced that the more work hours we logged, the better off we would be. As it turns out, all work and no play really does make Johnny a dull boy – and overtired, overwhelmed and stressed out. The key to increased creativity and success is not more work but more rest. And for relaxing those mental muscles, soothing the physical ones and jumpstarting personal success, there’s nothing more effective than a soak in the hot tub.

Create Space in an Overstuffed Mind – Why do we continue to think that the mind has no space limitations? The truth is, when you stop and give your brain a chance to collect and compartmentalize all that you feed into it every day, it does a better job. In essence, a well rested mind is more creative, with the endurance you need to create solutions and make better decisions. When you relax in the warm, massaging water of a hot tub, you have no choice but to clear your mind. The sound of the water as it bubbles and laps your skin is instantly soothing, calming the mind and helping you slow down.

Banish Back Pain for Good – How many times throughout the day has back pain stopped you from doing something you wanted to do? If your answer is anything but zero, you need to find a remedy fast. Chronic pain, whether it’s a stiff neck, sore back or arthritis in the hip, can zap creative energy in an instant, forcing you to focus on finding relief. Luckily, the intense heat of a hot tub can banish pain instantly, giving you the freedom to think about something else for a change. A few minutes with personalized massage and targeted jets penetrating deep beneath muscle and pain is a distant memory.

Get Your Zz’s For Real – You’re not alone if you toss and turn at night, replaying the events of the day over and over as if you were editing a screenplay. The truth is, most of us have sleep-related issues at least a few times a month, making it difficult to get the rest we need. Soaking in a hot tub in the evening, after dinner, is the perfect way to transition from awake to sleep. It has to do with the temperature of the water and how getting out of the tub causes internal temperature to decrease. This process informs the brain that it’s time to sleep, bringing that ultra groggy, ready for bed feeling that lets you drift off comfortably.

More work and longer hours do not drive creativity and success. As professionals, when we rest more and work less, true potential shows through. Use a hot tub to clear your mind, ease pain and help you get the sleep you deserve for a more focused, efficient and successful you.

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