How a Hot Tub Can Help the Head, Body and Spirit

Most people believe there is a definite link between the head, the body and the spirit. In fact research confirms that when one area is weak, all three suffer. So how do we keep our mind in the game while at the same time improving health and feeling good? Easy. Use a hot tub. Here are three reasons how a soak in the hot tub can enhance the link between head, body and spirit for a healthier, happier and more productive you.

The Mind-Body Connection – The mind-body connection is nothing new and health practitioners everywhere agree that the bridge between mental and physical is powerful and very real, significantly impacting everything from health to emotions to how well you perform at work. Mind-body solutions focus on improving relaxation, promoting health and improving mood, which is why the hot tub is a terrific vehicle for enhancing the link between head, body and spirit.

Relieve Anxiety, Decrease Tension – A long soak in the hot tub can relieve mental anxiety while at the same time decreasing physical stress that accumulates under the muscles. When anxiety approaches, whether it’s work related, social or otherwise, muscles tense, creating knots and unhealthy build up which causes pain. Powerful massaging jets in the hot tub ease these areas, soothing away tension and relaxing stiff, tight muscles. As a result, the anxiety that often accompanies tension and high stress is reduced leaving you feeling better, physically and mentally.

Decrease Pain, Improve Mental Endurance – Can you truly be your best with chronic back pain? How about that nagging shoulder that aches every time you lift your arm? Muscle and joint pain can be debilitating, but it’s more than that. It also impacts your mental endurance, leaving you weak, tired and totally defeated. Using a hot tub in the morning before work is an excellent way to relieve pain on contact, giving you more energy to pursue mental challenges rather than having to focus on the pain. Eliminating aches and pains frees up space for using your energy in more productive ways. Decreased pain leads to increased productivity, and can be achieved in as little as twenty minutes.

When it comes to optimized health and happiness, enhancing the link between the head, body and spirit is one of the most effective ways to achieve balance. Using a hot tub as a mind-body connection can help relieve anxiety and tension, eliminate pain and improve mental endurance, resulting in total and complete equilibrium for a happier, healthier you.

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