Enjoy a “Staycation” in Your Own Backyard this Summer

Having a HotSpring Spa in your backyard could save you a ton of money this summer. In this uncertain economy, many people are cutting back on spending a lot of money on overseas vacations and opting to stay closer to home to enjoy time with their families. So the concept of the ‘staycation’ has become quite popular.

For the price of an exotic vacation for you and the family, you could instead get a portable HotSpring Spa that would become a lasting addition to your family’s backyard fun and relaxation.

I suggest that you take some time to consider how owning a portable hot tub might add to your family’s fun this summer and for many years into the future. A HotSpring Spa with many models and price points to choose from has some environmentally-friendly models that are energy efficient and safe. There are also financing options available that can make it even easier to get one installed quickly.

So, what are some activities that you can do with your family to keep them entertained and engaged while you stay closer to home? Here are a few family “staycation” ideas:

Bring the kitchen outdoors
Set up an outdoor kitchen. If you’ve got an outdoor grill, try some new recipes on the grill and enjoy fun, summer meals outdoors more often. Find ways to involve the kids in selecting the recipes, shopping and food preparation. Have backyard parties and invite friends and neighbors.

Create a home spa experience
If you can’t travel to an exotic spa location, bring the spa home and hire a traveling spa service. They come to you and bring all of the supplies for the spa treatments that you request to your home. Invite your best girlfriends and have a spa party, and then invite them to join you in the hot tub after you’ve had your treatments.

Bring in a masseuse and get a massage for your tired muscles. Taking a soak in your portable spa after a good massage is a magical experience.

Outdoor Movie nights
Bring the TV out on the deck and watch movies. Pop some popcorn in the kitchen and spread blankets and sleeping bags out for some fun for the kids.

Get a Chimnea
A chimnea is a portable, contained fireplace that is made from stoneware pottery, terra cotta or wrought iron. It has legs on it to raise it up about 12″ from the ground and it keeps the fire contained and allows the smoke to flow up the chimney.

After a soak in the hot tub, sitting by a crackling fire on a cool summer evening can be a wonderful experience.

These are just a few of the ways that having a HotSpring Spa can add to your family’s “staycation” fun this year. There’s no doubt that owning a portable spa can fit in with your summer plans and bring your family together for healthy fun at home.