Create Some Family Fun This Summer in Your Own Outdoor Hot Tub

As the evenings grow longer and the warm weather rushes in, we’re more than ready to get outside and enjoy ourselves after a long winter indoors. What a better way to create some memorable family time than with some terrific ideas for family fun in the hot tub. The perfect place for sharing laughs, making connections and just having good old fashioned fun, make the hot tub the centerpiece of the summer.

Family Time Revisited – Family time used to involve board games and watching movies. It’s the time a family gets together to talk, laugh and enjoy one another’s company. It’s still loads of fun to play cards or enjoy a great blockbuster together, but how about family time that involves getting a little fresh air and relaxing your overworked body at the same time?

Scheduling a “family night” that involves hot tubbing and conversation is the best way to stay connected with family members for free. It costs nothing to get everyone together for some laughs, and it’s an activity that’s safe, convenient and ready to go whenever you are. Most families know that finding time to talk is sometimes a challenge. A hot tub is the perfect solution for opening up and sharing in a comfortable, calm and relaxing environment.

Host a BBQ “Grill and Soak” Party – Nothing is more fun than a summer time bash. And what’s the perfect backdrop for the best gala in the neighborhood? The hot tub of course. Hosting a grill party for a few of your family’s closest friends gives everyone a chance to experience the backyard party the way it was intended to be experienced- a big plate of food followed by a relaxing dip in a hot tub.

Good food, good friends and good music sets the mood for an afternoon of laughs and great company. Make sure to break out the hot tub party games, but be forewarned, because once the fun starts, you’ll never get them to leave! The younger kids can entertain themselves by playing games in the yard while the older folks soak away the pain in the bubbling water of the hot tub. It’s simply a spectacular way to spend an afternoon.

Visit with Grandma and Grandpa – They love to come over to see the kids, but with grams arthritis, it’s not as easy as it used to be. The hot tub is the perfect way for gram to visit while easing her pain and discomfort at the same time. By soaking in the hot tub even three times a week, pain and discomfort from overworked or stressed joints decreases while mobility and flexibility increase.

It’s the heat combined with the massaging jets and the buoyancy created by the water that takes the pressure off the joints, decreasing pain instantly. Plus, as an added benefit, the hot tub can actually reduce grandpa’s diabetes symptoms as well. It’s true, regular use of the hot tub offers some tremendous health benefits in addition to keeping gram and grandpa comfortable and pain free while visiting.

This summer, family fun begins with the hot tub. Host the neighborhood’s best party with a “grill and soak” theme they’re sure to love. Or plan to spend an evening reconnecting with your kids by having a family hot tub night to share conversation, laughs and fun. Finally, let grandma and grandpa in on the fun giving them the chance to enjoy a relaxing visit while soaking away any pain and discomfort from overworked, tired joints.

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