Can A Hot Tub Replace A Marriage Counselor?

Marriage can be difficult. In fact, it takes a lot of work to keep two people together through the uncertainties of life. Financial difficulties, children, work stress and illness among other things combined, leaving the marriage counselor to sort it all out. Can a hot tub actually replace a marriage counselor? Probably not, but if you’re looking for an alternative to costly therapy and a convenient way to reconnect with your spouse, consider the possibility of rebuilding your relationship in your hot tub.

Open Your Mind through Relaxation – Nothing promotes relaxation and comfort quite like a hot tub. With warm, massaging water enveloping your body, it’s almost impossible not to open your mind to conversation. For couples who may have a hard time communicating or discussing their marriage in traditional environments, the hot tub presents a soothing alternative. Taking the time to unwind and calm the body will calm the mind, making difficult subject matter easier to hear as well as digest.

Reconnect on Common Ground – When is the last time the two of you enjoyed an activity together? Was it so long ago you can’t remember? Perhaps it’s time to take some time out and reconnect with your spouse on common ground by enjoying a quiet, soothing and peaceful dip in the hot tub. Relaxing brings out the best in everyone and spending quality time together doing something you both enjoy will bring you together on common ground. And with a non-threatening environment like a hot tub, it’s easy to focus entirely on one another.

Remove the Distractions – We all have them- cell phones, computers, Blackberry’s- you name it the technology we need to work and play has in many cases created barriers between ourselves and the ones we love. The only way to get to the heart of any relationship is to completely remove any and all distractions to allow the true conversation to take place. Soaking in the hot tub gives you and your partner the chance to tune out all of the outside interference and concentrate on one another. Having this quiet time together is one of the best ways to remove emotional barriers that if left unchecked, could create more serious problems.

If you’re considering seeking outside help to resolve issues in your marriage, consider the convenient alternative of your hot tub. The perfect place to unwind, relax and open your mind, a hot tub just may be the solution you’ve been looking for. A terrific common ground, the hot tub makes distractions obsolete, opens the mind for difficult conversation and lets you participate with your spouse in something you both enjoy. Besides, if you spend enough time reconnecting in your hot tub, you may never need a marriage counselor in the first place.

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