Arthritis Awareness Month

Soothing the pain with a quality hot tub

Arthritis is one of the most common joint disorders in the United States. Tens of millions Americans suffer from its debilitating symptoms every single day. Common indicators include swelling, stiffness, and chronic pain, usually resulting in irreparable joint damage.

As we shed light on the ailment during the month of May, we want to remind individuals with arthritis that a hot tub has been known to soothe the pain. Soaking in warm water generates hydrostatic pressure on the body, resulting in enhanced mobility and lowered joint inflammation.

Improving the quality of life
Who would’ve known that something as recreational and fun as a hot tub can have such sizeable health benefits? The calming warm waters and buoyancy also helps to relieve the stress and tension that arthritis carries with it. Having one installed in your home can usher in a blitz of relief as quickly as you can take a dip!

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