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Warranty Pre-Expiration Service

Request our 28-point hot tub check-up to make sure your hot tub won’t run into problems after your warranty expires.

Pre-Warranty Expiration Check-Up

Our thorough “hot tub check-up” aims to identify deficiencies within your hot tub so that all repairs can be made in due time. If we detect problems not covered by warranty, then we will discuss the solutions and repair those items with your approval.

After the check-up is complete, we then complete a routine maintenance that includes cleaning the filters, bar top, water line, cabinet, and cover. We also apply our 303 AerospaceProtectant to the cover protecting it from staining, dust, and fading.

For an additional fee, a HotSpring Spas of Music City specialist can drain, clean, and fill your hot tub too.

Know Your Hot Tub Warranty Expiration Date

We will send you a notice prior to your warranty expiration date, but if you see the deadline approaching, don’t hesitate to contact us first. The best way to determine your Warranty Expiration date is by checking your owner’s manual install date.

For a general idea on warranty expiration dates, here is a general estimation (contact HotSpring Spas of Music City for your exact warranty expiration date):

  • HotSpring® and Tiger River® - Five years following purchase
  • Limelight® - Three years following purchase
  • Hot Spot® - Two years following purchase
  • Solana® - One year following purchase

The Fine Print

All repairs may be subject to warranty exclusions. Additionally, warranty coverage for individual hot tub parts may vary.

To schedule your Pre-Warranty Expiration Check-Up, complete our Hot Tub Service Request form. Be sure to tell us your hot tub serial number when scheduling the service.