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Trade-In Program

Has your hot tub lost its sparkle? Are you ready for a newer model with more bells and whistles? We accept trade-ins on pre-owned HotSpring® Spas, because they retain their value for many years and have a reputation for quality, safety, and energy efficiency. We also accept other brand name spas. If you are ready to upgrade to a newer model, there are a few steps to follow.

  • Visit our showroom and browse the latest hot tub models and test all the greatest features.
  • Request a FREE In-Home Consultation. We’ll come by to inspect your hot tub and make sure the shell, cabinet, plumbing, and equipment are in resalable shape.
  • Apply the trade-in credit (store credit only; no cash trade-ins) toward a new hot tub.

Purchase a Refurbished Hot Tub

The hot tubs that are traded-in undergo a thorough inspection, cleaning, and refurbishment process. The units are then put on display in our showroom and sold at a discounted price. If you are looking to save money and enjoy the benefits of a hot tub, consider a traded-in hot tub at HotSpring Spas of Music City.


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