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Pearl Hot Tub Water Care

Luxury Water Care



Looking for a change in the water care you use for your hot tub?  Easy to use, clear, pure water results, so that you can enjoy your hot tub again!  See for yourself the difference we can make to your hot tub water with Pearl Water Care.

Finally, there is a hot tub water care product that is easy to use and gentle to your skin.  Pearl's scientists who own hot tubs understand the issues with outdated technology widely used.  They have finally created a new advanced hot tub water care technology that will allow you to no longer have to be a chemist in order to enjoy worry-free water care.  This natural formula doesn't require you to have a science degree and take on a part-time job to get great results in your hot tub water.  This dermatologically skin-friendly formula is formulated with no harsh chemicals and will not dry out your skin but moisturize it.  Pearl Water Care will reduce the time and hassle of hot tub care.

It is simple and easy to use and will make your water shine like a Pearl


Safe for Your Lawn

Some hot tub chemicals can wreak havoc on your lawn, but not our Luxury Water Care line. The solution is safe for the environment and will not hurt your grass or plants.

There are other steps to hot tub water care and maintenance including an initial system flush and the Care-Free™ Silver Ion Cartridge.

To learn more about HotSpring Spas of Music City’s Luxury Water Care, request a no-cost water care consultation.