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Silk Balance

Luxury Water Care

SilkBalance® for Spas is an easy-to-use water care product that makes your skin feel smooth as silk. This water care line is ideal for hot tub owners with sensitive skin and for those who want a time-saving water care product.

Water Care and Skin Care

No more dry skin from your hot tub chemicals and no more time limits on your hot tub usage all because of your itchy skin. SilkBalance contains mineral salts, which are mild enough not to bother most skin. Instead of drying you out like many spa chemicals do, this water care product refreshes the skin.

SilkBalance is formulated with the Biofilm Dispersion Technology (BDT), which adjusts to the water the instant it is introduced. BDT decreases the surface tension of the water preventing the build up that leads to filmy water and unpleasant odors. It also keeps you safe. SilkBalance stops bacteria growth and balances pH, calcium, and alkalinity.

Save You Time

No need to fuss with several bottles of spa and hot tub chemicals; choose one pre-mixed solution. Unlike other water care packages that require testing, measuring, and adjusting, with SilkBalance all you need is shake for thirty seconds and one, four-ounce pour. Hot tub owners need to add SilkBalance once a week and add an ounce of shock bi-weekly. The shock is necessary to eliminate oils and other contaminants introduced from bathers.

Safe for Your Lawn

Some hot tub chemicals can wreak havoc on your lawn, but not our Luxury Water Care line. The solution is safe for the environment and will not hurt your grass or plants.

There are other steps to hot tub water care and maintenance including an initial system flush and the Care-Free™ Silver Ion Cartridge.

To learn more about HotSpring Spas of Music City’s Luxury Water Care, request a no-cost water care consultation.