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hot springs spa nashvilleHotSpring Spas of Music City is a helo dealer and represents the maker of helo Saunas – Saunatec®. Saunatec® North America is the market leader and has the most complete line of saunas, steambath products and far-infrared heat therapy rooms. Saunatec® is the largest sauna and steambath company in the world – which has a history dating to 1919 when the company was established in Wyborg, Finland.

The quality and craftsmanship in each helo sauna is immediately evident by the styling and design – with innovative use of glass, curves and lighting. Whether you select a Traditional, Far-Infrared or the NEW 2-in-1 combination “Infrasauna” you can rest assured your sauna is made with the finest quality material and craftmanship.

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