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Helo Patio saunas are designed for outdoor enthusiasts.  It takes the popular "Panel-Built" sauna series a step further by offering the sauna as an outdoor ready unit.

This portable, exceptional quality and easy-to-install sauna is a sauna lover's dream. Our Patio Saunas, much like the Panel Built saunas, are designed to be joined together ready for power hook-up in a few hours. Our Patio saunas come in four sizes: PA 45 - 4'x5', PA 46 - 4'x6', PA 56 - 5'x6' and PA 57 - 5'x7' and feature an optional shingled or metal sheeting modular roof kit.  Have extra shingles from your home roof?  You can match the roof of your home and save $$$!

Luxurious clear European Alder or Western Red Cedar interior and exterior – or with optional maintenance free exterior siding – means soothing relaxation in the sauna and stunning good looks in your back yard.

Your Patio includes these standard features:

  • Clear Western Red Cedar backrests, headrests, heater guard and cedar duckboard
  • Pre-built, pre-fitted wall and ceiling panels all completely blind nailed
  • Built-in floor with attractive waterproof vinyl flooring
  • Constructed on cedar runners
  • Modular roof kit--with or without shingles
  • Bucket, ladle, light, and thermometer
  • Heaters: S0-45 in 4x5 & 4x6; S0-60 in 5x6 & 5x7, rocks included

Patio optional features:

  • Exterior controls, standard or digital
  • Accessories, bench skirts
  • Full floor duckboards