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Panel Built

Helo® Panel-Built Saunas are a perfect portable addition to any home or patio.  They are beautiful, of the highest quality, and come ready for easy assembly.

Each panel is fully insulated and handcrafted with a tongue and groove clear Western Red Cedar interior and exterior (plywood exterior optional). Simply install on almost any hard surface such as concrete or tile.

Kits Include:

  • All wall and ceiling prefabricated panels
  • Panels are finished inside and out, with clear, tongue and groove, Western Red Cedar, fully insulated, and includes foil vapor barrier
  • All interior and exterior trim
  • Plywood paneling available as option for exterior walls to be hidden, painted, papered or tiled
  • Genuine helo® heater, rocks, and heater guard
  • Pre-hung door with glass window or all-glass door
  • Pre-assembled benches (see specs), brackets, headrests, and duckboard flooring
  • Room light, thermometer, and all hardware; yes even the wooden bucket and ladle!
  • Sizes: 
    • PB 44 – 4’X4’
    • PB 46 – 4’X6’
    • PB 55-5 – 5’X5’-5-sided,
    • PB 57 – 5’X7’
    • PB 66 – 6’X6’
    • PB 66-5 – 6’X6’–5-sided
    • PB 68 – 6’X8’
    • PB 77-5 – 7’X7’–5-sided
    • PB 88 – 8’X8’
    • PB 812 – 8’X12’