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The Helo Onyx sauna’s sophisticated and elegant black laminate exterior complements the rich, oil-rubbed cedar interior.  The all-glass front with frameless glass door provides a warm glow when viewing from outside and a panoramic view from inside.  Low voltage lighting system in interior ceiling (including color-light therapy) and in curved overhanging ceiling on front.  Deco-style wall-to-wall middle platform, with two full length upper benches for two people lying down or for seating up to six.

The Prestige Sauna packages include the following:

  • European Alder Wood Interior and Exterior (unless noted otherwise)
  • Heater and Control
  • Rocks
  • Stainless Steel bucket and Ladle
  • 5” Chrome Thermometer
  • Lighting
  • Headrest
  • Heater Guard
  • Backrest
  • Duckboard for walk area
  • Benches are pre-assembled and door is pre-hung
  • Clear Western Red Cedar and Hemlock are optional woods unless noted as standard
  • Entertainment System Upgrade (Optional)