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FREE In-Store Water Testing

Water Care Consulting and Water Testing

Water care is an essential step in maintaining your hot tub and protecting your health. We provide personal water care consultations and in-store water testing so that you know exactly what needs to be done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Simply bring in a water sample and one of our water care specialists will test the water and provide you with an analysis. By looking at the analysis and talking to you about your hot tub usage, we can tell you which hot tub chemicals you need and how much.

In every water care consultation (water testing is not required for a consultation) we go over our different water care programs and explain how to care for your hot tub water. Once you speak with a specialist, it will be easy to decide which of the four water care programs work best for you.

Testing and consultation is completely free and comes with no obligation. Just schedule your FREE Water Care Consultation and see how we can simplify your life.


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