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“Just getting away from it all.” 
Carolyn Sharp, Lebanon, TN - Testimonials

FREE In-Store Test Soak

Visit the HotSpring Spas of Music City Showroom to test out the hot tub you have your eyes on. There’s no better way to feel confident in your purchase than with a private 15-minute in-store test soak.

Worried about your privacy? Don’t be.

We invite you to schedule an in-store test soak at a time convenient for you and during a time when our privacy gazebo is available. While you do have to wear a bathing suit to get the full effect, we guarantee you’ll feel right at home.

Our showroom is set up with a private changing area, towels, robes, and sound systems. Bring in your favorite music so that you can see and hear how a HotSpring Spa can entertain your family, soothe your body, and impress your friends!

There is no charge for an in-store hot tub test soak and there is no obligation either. Schedule your Test Soak and get one step closer to your dream hot tub purchase.

Please select Free In-Store Test Soak on our Service Request Form to learn more!